How To Wear a Tulle Skirt - 3 Ways I Wear Mine and More

How to wear a tulle skirt- change your accessories!

I danced ballet for years growing up, and I loved seeing the tulle skirt come in style for the last year. It is such a beautiful piece, and I think every woman secretly wants one. The hard part is finding a place or a way to wear one! After struggling with styling my tulle skirt, I decided I like pairing it with a striped tee best. It adds a print to the fun texture of the skirt and it is a basic that I wear ALL the time. I always default to adding my favorite basics when I'm trying to figure out how to wear something new. What I loved about the tulle and stripe combination is that I could change just the accessories to create a totally different look. I've got a few of my favorites below. 

Stripes and a tulle skirt

Stripes and a tulle skirt with leopard ballet flats
Shirt: GAP
Skirt: Thrifted/DIY by me
Shoes: Target
Clutch: Thrifted
Cuff and Earrings: ONE little MOMMA

First up, I tried dressing down this fancy skirt even more with leopard ballet flats and cognac clutch. I think this is the most casual that a tulle skirt can look and it works. Of course, I always love mixing leopard and stripes for a mixed print combo.

Stripes and a tulle skirt with black perforated heels and gold jewelry

Stripes and a tulle skirt with black perforated heels and gold jewelry
Clutch: H&M
Earrings and Cuff: ONE little MOMMA
Shoes: Thrifted

To dress up the skirt with a hint of edge, I threw on these perforated black peep toe heels. I like the gold clutch and the gold jewelry and could see this more for an evening event. 

Stripes and a tulle skirt with teal and pops of red

Stripes and a tulle skirt with teal and pops of red
Clutch: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Cuff: F21
Lipstick: NYX Indie Flick

This was my favorite combination of the three. I love the pop of red and teal with the black and white. This look feels a little French and would be perfect for shopping or a fun lunch date. 

Now, honestly I haven't worn my tulle skirt out and about yet. I think I'll try it at church, but as a momma, I have few chances to wear one. I try to always make things momma friendly and on the causal side around here, and I think I've done that with this skirt. I do think that it is a fun piece to have in my closet, and I definitely want to pull it out when the right even comes around. For more ways to style a tulle skirt check out Merrick's post here - she's a styling genius! I also love Cara's take on it.

The real reason I'm styling this skirt today is because - I MADE it! Well, sort of. I refashioned this skirt out of this dress here....

How to thrift store refashion your own tulle skirt

 I'm sharing how I refashioned this beauty over at Brassy Apple today! You will love how easy it was!

 Have you found the right tulle skirt yet? How do you wear it? Where have you worn it?


  1. I love the matchy lipstick and shoe sin the last outfit!!! Especially with the turquoise jewelry!!


  2. You. Are. Adorable. I love this and I think church or date nights would be great for it. Way to go on the refashioning too, that's awesome!

  3. I just bought a pink one to wear to my Baby Shower next month! I will keep your styling tips in mind :)

  4. Oh my gosh! You found the bridesmaid dress I wore when I stood up in my cousin's wedding in 1992. I wondered where that went.

  5. I definitely could see myself in the first look! Looks the easiest to pull off =)

  6. I definitely want a tulle skirt, but haven't found one yet that felt age-appropriate for me. Do you have any store recommendations?

    aka Bailey

  7. Everyone has found it stunning, I think it will be the most beautiful thing my future husband will ever see. Thanks a million the designer!
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