Honest - I'm Late Everywhere I Go


There are all kinds of people and mommas out there, but I'm a goer. I love to get out and get things done. When my babies are born, I always over do it because I hate staying home. While the new baby sleeps in his covered car seat, I am happy to run errands, shop, and just get out. As you know, besides the kids and my husband, I have been running a business from home for the past four years and blogging for the past two years. All of those things makes life full and enjoyable. The problem that I find about being busy and having my plate so full is that I'm late - EVERYWHERE. I've never been a super strict and punctual person, but I do love to be prepared and it feels great to be on time or even early. Unfortunately, I almost never get that feeling. I try to blame it on my phase of life, but if you invite me anywhere, just allow an extra 20 minutes. I'm very punctual with a 20 minute late arrival time - THAT you can count on.

Reasons We Are Currently Late - In General

1. A napping baby. I don't mess with Knox's naps. He isn't on a super strict schedule, but if he is napping, we stay put until he is done. Naptime is money to me and I definitely believe that the better rested the baby, the happier the family.

2. Blog (or business) related activities. I often snap some kind of outfit pic before we leave the house, which takes time. And if I'm home, I usually have a project out and orders in the works. Every spare minute gets used around here, and I usually try to stretch them too far.

3. My husband. I did not marry a man who can stick to a schedule. He does amazing things, but he needs unlimited time to do so. And he does things his own way. Like on Sunday when he did the dishes for me with Knox's help. The dishes got done and even Knox got washed - but it took a LONG time.

4. Small children related messes. Poopy diapers, peed underwear, spilled milk or juice, dumped toy boxes, lost toys, shoes in puddles, muddy clothes, and any other number of "are you kidding me?!?" events that for some reason always happen right before we leave the house. You never know what will happen next with kids!

The place that I hate being late to the most is church. Everything else in my life is pretty flexible - but church starts on time. And it's a large quiet-ish meeting. Everyone notices when you walk in late and up to the front where the only empty pews are. The number of bags you are carrying, the disposition of your children, and the higher heeled shoes that you are desperately trying to walk in are all on display as you interrupt the meeting. We have been late for church for years, but EVERY single week I vow to get up earlier and leave sooner. It is really exhausting to put so much effort into a 2-3 minute window of arrival time. (You know we aren't showing up 20 minutes early!) For months, every week I was arriving at church so angry and so short and so dang frustrated with my entire family - especially my husband. It took the whole meeting for me to get over it and by then I had practically missed the whole point of church! Talk about starting off church on the wrong foot.

A few weeks ago as we were starting off the same scenario of running late and rushing to get ready. I could feel the irritation building, and then I had the feeling to just let it go. I just decided to let go of the schedule. Trying to make it for the 9am meeting wasn't going to happen anyway, and what was ruining Sunday mornings wasn't us being late for church, it was my attitude about being late. We were already late and being mean and mad about it didn't make it more okay to be late. It was almost as if I thought being grouchy made me less guilty of the lateness - because I was blaming everyone else and making them pay for it with my bad attitude. I just let go of the frustration and kindly kept getting us ready to go. I stayed calm, helped the kids and waited for my husband. We were 45 minutes late. We missed almost the entire first meeting. In fact we just sat in the hall for the last ten minutes of it - BUT we were happy. We were all feeling good and glad to be there. Mom hadn't lost her mind and everyone had kept the peace. It was an eye opening morning.

And we are still late almost every week. And I still try to get us there on time every week. But I don't get angry anymore. It's never anyone's fault and I swear we are late for a different reason every week. But I am grateful to have figured out how to be a better example to my kids about what I believe and why we go to church. I am trying harder not to put the schedule above how I treat my family, even if it means missing half of church.

Are you as late as I am? Where do you dread arriving late? Or have you figured out the whole concept of being punctual? I'd love to hear your secrets for being on time!

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  1. I can understand the always late to church idea. And while it is annoying to be late to church, it is worth getting there with smiling happy children. I like you always tell myself to get up earlier and to get ready faster so I can be on time to church. Doesn't really happen. But what has worked for me, that I learned from a mom in my ward, is to have my kids find their church clothes the night before. They lay out their outfit, shoes and everything. Anything they need to take to church is always put together the night before. Including baths. That way I only have to feed them breakfast, they can then dress themselves. The other tip I heard from a mom in my ward is that she gets up and gets herself ready. Then she will get the kids ready. (her hubby was elders quorum president, so she was often by herself in the mornings) When I remember to do this, we usually are ready closer to on time, with more smiling happy people.

  2. I'm late for everything and it drives my Air Force husband crazy! He's gotten better about telling me fake times to be ready (20-30 minutes earlier than I need to be) so that I usually end up being ready at the "right" time.

    1. Air Force? Yes they hate to be late...me not so much. I take life easy. We have 4 kids and I run a children's consignment store. I do the best I can with a :) face.

  3. I am definitely the late one, not my husband. It drives him crazy to be late. The ONLY time I'm not late is when we are going to see a movie - ha! And that's because I want to go to Five Below next door, get my candy and drink, and then go find a seat that I actually want to sit in. But honestly, we go to the movies MAYBE twice a year. I don't even know why I'm late all the time?! I always think I'm doing good with time and then BAM, I'm late and gotta go!

    (If responding, please email or comment a blog post of mine.)

  4. Oh girl - I completely understand the frustration about being late. I am a very punctual person and get so stressed/angry/grouchy/upset when I am late to things. My husband is more of a free-spirit who seems to have been born without an internal clock. It takes him forever to get ready in the mornings and, like your hubby, takes a long time to do anything.
    Thanks for being a great example for letting go of the schedule though. I think it will take me a long time to get there (especially with church - thats the one that bugs me the most too!) but I am glad to know I am not the only one out there. I think if/when we decide to start a family, we will aim for first service and be happy if we arrive on time for the 2nd one! :)

  5. I'm one of those people who really hates being late, no matter what the occasion or event. Both of my parents are the exact same way, so being ready on time for anything was necessary and expected. The biggest thing that helped our family and then later on me as I get up early for work is to have a *routine.* If I figure out a routine that gets me ready to go on time and stick to that routine every. single. time., I am ready to go, no sweat. I don't even have to think about it when I'm all groggy in the early mornings - I just do it. Now I'm early for everything. :)

  6. I recently started working at an office that is much closer to my home, and I've found that I *think* it's so close that I dawdle a LOT more and end up running late almost every day. It's chronic! And I totally rush around and freak out and rudely push past people on the subway and skip breakfast etc -- and then I get to the office, at least 10-15 minutes late, and realize either 1) I'm the first one here or 2) Everyone else is arriving at about the same time. So I'm trying to remind myself that EVERYONE has this issue, and it's way less of a capital-P Problem than I make it out to be. In fact, the days when I don't let myself freak out and try not to worry too much about what time I get to the office always seem to be the ones when I'm here on time -- or maybe only five minutes late :-)

  7. The day I discovered I was pregnant, I vowed to not be late (my mother... always late!) and not allow myself or my children to leave the house in a rushed and disjointed mess. We leave happily (some mornings a little less than others because I didn't have the right juice or a certain shirt wasn't clean, but overall happy) and on time or ahead of schedule every day. I get up a full hour and a half before my kids each day to ensure I am totally dressed and mentally prepared for the day (not a morning person, so the mental part is big), I pack lunches, make sure back packs are by the door and then wake my kiddos. We eat breakfast together and joke around. They have a set routine for getting ready after breakfast. I also build in a 10 minute buffer each day so that if someone is a bit sluggish I don't have to be the "hurry, we are going to be late" mom. I am more relaxed, kids are more relaxed and we are on time. I focus 100% on helping them be prepared, not doing it for them, but helping them be ready for the day. I can do this because I am already 100% ready for my day. My advice, prep the night before and get yourself ready before you dream of waking the sleeping angels! Also, attitude is everything, if yours is good, so is theirs and that carries into the day. So prepare yourself any way you need to to make that happen!

  8. I'm always late. Before kids, I was ten minutes late. Now, with two kids under three, you better not expect me until 5 minutes after I say we meet. This was my biggest pet peeve. Now...I get it. :)

    Stay fabulous!

  9. The other day, we were getting into the car on our way to being late for church when I started thinking that being nice is more important than being on time. I've adopted a mantra that I really have to think about frequently: being nice is the most important thing. More important than being right, being on time, being organized or clean, etc. I double guess it every time, but it seems to be right.


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