What I Wore: Dressing Up a Graphic Tee

Cream graphic tee and an open knit cardigan for Spring

Cream graphic tee and an open knit cardigan for Spring

Wavy short ombre hair

Cream graphic tee, loose cardigan and strappy flats

Cream graphic tee, loose cardigan and strappy flats

I think it depends on what my deadlines are, but I can't decide which gives me more of a heart attack headache - a misbehaving sewing machine or a deathly ill computer. They both bring me to tears. Yesterday my computer decided to take a sick da,y and it let me know by putting up the 'blue screen of death' for my viewing pleasure. After restarting it twice with the same result, I called my husband in a panic and told him to give it to me straight, "How bad is it?" He assured me it wasn't too bad and helped me start backing up my files just in case. All the while, I could tell he was just so not thrilled to be my tech support. It's not that he minds helping me, but I'm seriously so bad at taking care of anything techy or anything that has moving parts. It drives him crazy that I don't listen to his instructions on caring for the items at hand, and then they break and he has to fix them. I've killed many computers, vacuums, and various other small appliances. I just don't have any street smarts for them! I texted him various pleas. #havemercyonme #imtheworst #illlistentoyounow #help

I think they worked because a short while after he got home, I was back in business - but on a short leash, mind you. I have some new 'computer care' rules I had to agree to before my tech support got things moving. I sure hope I follow them because this broken computer stuff is the worst.

And why did I need my computer stat? I had to share a new spring staple this year. I think I found the spring-appropriate oversized cardigan that I was looking for. Target had quite a few to choose from, but what I love about this one is that it is cream, loose knit, and drapey. It pairs perfectly with a graphic tee with some cropped black pants and strappy flats. Our metallic gold leather earrings add some texture and bring the outfit together. This outfit feels dressed up, but I would wear it to the grocery store or Walmart any day.

Do you break techy things as easily as I do? What broken item brings you to tears?

Sweater: Target
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: TJ Maxx
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Earrings: ONE little MOMMA
Cuff and Watch: ONE little MOMMA


  1. Oh I hear ya! My sewing machine just stopped last night and I'm freaking out because I have so many projects and DIY tutorials planned! Ahhh! I don't know what I'm going to do. Anyways...that's a cute sweater :)

  2. I love when your hair has the loose curls! You look gorgeous and this outfit rocks! There is nothing worse then seeing the blue screen. Ugh... thats the pits! I just wanted to know I am super grateful that you reposted my fashion post on your instagram feed. We have gotten a ton of new followers since then and its because of your shout out. Thank you. You are so sweet and I can't wait to get another pair of your freakin' awesome earrings!!
    Salt and Pepper Moms

  3. I love graphic tees - they're my favorite part of my wardrobe! A good drape-y cardigan is a must :)

    aka Bailey


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