InstaFriday: Ups and Downs


This week has definitely been full of its ups and downs. There have been really sweet moments and also incredibly long and challenging days. I'm thankful for both because they work together to make life worth living - the bad days make the great days extra sweet, and the sweet days give me hope on the dark ones. Just like on all InstaFridays, I'm sharing some of what we have been up to recently. You can find us in real time here.

As hard as it is to accept that my boys are growing up, I am so proud of them when they learn new things. Kesler took it upon himself to learn to make peanut butter and honey sandwiches and he does a great job. He even made one for Dad too.

Easton is the best big brother that Kesler or Knox could ask for. He really is the kindest and most protective boy. Knox adores him and Kesler couldn't live without him - they are such good friends.

Poor Knox was hit hard this week with top teeth that are trying to come in and a bad cold. He has been miserable and so have I. 

The bonus snow storm didn't help my attitude this week either. It dumped over the weekend and they even cancelled church. I know we'll be so extra happy with the warmer temps and sunshine, but long, cold, dark days are tough no matter how you look at them.

Thankfully before it snowed, we were able to get in a fun trip to a local children's museum. They have such great activities and imaginative areas set up to play in. My boys were in heaven and I felt like their brains were getting a great workout. 

We also had a preschool field trip to the post office last week. Did you know you can get a tour? Because I mail packages so often, I really enjoyed getting a behind the scenes look at it all. I can't believe how well my mailman and the postal workers know me and my family just because of our mail! I'm sure I had more fun than the kids, but it was still a great activity.

This week is ending well mostly because this little one is feeling better. We are all getting more sleep and sleep makes people happy.

What else makes me happy? Easter candy. I can't resist it and often sneak it behind my kids' backs. Just because it's not good for them doesn't mean I can't eat it!

What was your high moment this week? How about your low? Did they balance each other out yet?


  1. Our children's museum was a lifesaver when my 3 were young! We had a membership and I was there once a week. And yeah...this weather sure does take a toll on us. Ugh. Its soooo hard when its cold and grey and just gross (below zero. snowing like mad. whatever).
    But to answer your question...yes, the highs balanced the lows. I had a sick daughter, but we had some warmer temps and sunshine, and my baby turned 12 (not sure where that one falls on the spectrum) so....

  2. Oh my, how true is that statement....sleep definitely makes me happy!! I had a sick little one a couple weeks ago. So glad that it's over with! Enjoy that Easter candy :)

  3. i love your blog. and your IG feed. just needed you to know that!
    sick little man in our house, too. really hard on everyone. spring is coming. it is!!! so thankful. happy weekend.


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