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Sweater: Thrifted
Shirt: c/o Mod Bod
Pants: TJ Maxx
Boots: Thrifted

Between sick kids and catching up, I think I wore the same thing over and over again for the last few weeks. My Everyday Style post this week is lacking, but this one outfit is one that looks great again and again. This sweater is definitely my favorite this month. It is one of my favorite colors and the loose fit is really flattering and comfortable. When I look back I can't believe what form fitting shirts I used to wear - now they almost can't be loose enough!

I thought I'd share a few other purchases I've made recently, although I haven't necessarily styled them yet. As a style blogger I think it often looks like I have an unlimited spending budget and constantly get new clothes. Part of that is true - I do get new clothes all of the time - but the other part isn't. I am still pretty money-conscious when it comes to my purchases. Plus, I sell a lot of my old clothes in my Instagram shop, so clothes are always going out as new ones come in. Most of my new clothes come from thrifting. I thrift shop all the time. I also love certain deal sites and a good clearance rack. I've thought about doing a post about where/how I shop, so if you are interested, let me know.

I've had my eye on the TOMS Cordone style for a while so when I saw them on Zulily, I grabbed a pair. These are the Taupe Waxed Twill and I'm loving them. I already have a pair of white Converse, so these add another color to the same style of shoe in my closet.

I also have been looking for a basic black baseball cap. I love hats but hadn't embraced this sporty trend yet. It turns out finding a basic black cap was harder than I thought until I found one at Michael's Craft Store. They had solid caps and they are actually cute! I got this one for only $1.50 with my coupon. Unreal. I feel like my hair is a little short for one right now but I'm growing it out a tiny bit. Oh, and they fit my giant head which is a huge deal.

These may be my best thrifting purchase in a while. They totally are not Everyday Style, but I found these amazing boots brand new at Saver's last week and I just couldn't leave them there. They are WILD! I love leopard and even I felt like they were a little much. But they came home with me and now I'm dying to wear them. Maybe to fashion week this weekend? Is that too cliché?

Where would you wear them? Are you interested in a 'Where I Shop' post?


  1. I would love to know where you shop. I like in Canada so it may not work with all sites, but I would be interested to know! Thanks

  2. I would love a post about where you shop, because I live in the same town as you and keep wondering where you find all these amazing thrifted things! :)

  3. Yes. Please share your shopping secrets! I've only been to zona rosa. I need to know where to go around here!

  4. Yes, please! I'd love to know all about how, when and where you shop!

  5. would love a post about where you shop!

  6. Yes! I would totally love to know where you shop!

  7. Very curious where & how you shop!
    I do think that small towns like mine have slim pickings when it comes to finding nice clothes/brands at thrift stores :( but maybe you have tips on how to find them right when they are set out in the store?

  8. I would really love for you to do a post on your wardrobe basics. You're style is so cute and casual, I just love it! It took a lot of blog surfing to find one with great casual thrifty style. Well done!

  9. New to your blog. Would love to know where you shop!

  10. Tell us all your shopping secrets lady!

  11. Great finds! Scoring something amazing at a thrift shop is just about as gratifying as it gets haha!

    aka Bailey


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