What I Wore - Vintage Dress Refashion


Dress: Thrifted
Vest: Brickyard Buffalo
Boots: Frye
Clutch: Forever 21
Earrings and watch: ONE little MOMMA

My husband and I could not be more opposite. We agree on religion and our kids and that is about it. Even after seven years of marriage, I still manage to be surprised at the things that we disagree on or just see differently. This morning, I was trying to explain to him about how early I had picked up on some trending colors this year and while I was looking for validation, he took it in a totally opposite direction. Somehow he ended up trying to analyze how and why colors can be on trend or cool now and not next year. How do things become "in style" anyway? Because the question isn't really answerable, his logical brain just got frustrated and made me even more frustrated as he "invalidated" my hobby entirely. Anyway, as surprised as I was by his reaction, I just had to try and see things from his perspective and not take it personally. It might have taken me all morning to see it that way.

This dress is yet another example of my vision and his not aligning. I thrifted this dress a few years ago to refashion and wear to his holiday work party. That did not go over well. You can see the original here. Although not perfect, I loved how it turned out after. He basically hated it. Not surprising. I've found that although it means green light to me, vintage is not a positive word for most men. I ended up wearing something else to the party, but every once and a while I pull this one out just for me.

Do you and your man agree on fashion? How do you deal with it when he hates what you love???


  1. I'm glad you posted this! I got a fur vest because of you and I love it! When hubby saw it......hated it! He has no idea fur is in style :). He also admitted that he's stuck in 1996....the year he graduated high school....lol! So, we agree to disagree on all things fashion. Sometimes I wear stuff he likes and sometimes I don't. Thx for letting me know that I'm not the only one ;).
    Leigh Anne
    PS: I might have already posted this previously on IG but I had to share here.....and I love your outfit in this post! ;)

  2. I recently learned from experience, husbands are not good sources of validation when it comes to anything female. (Fashion, mommy-hood, etc.) come to me next time you need fashion validation because I love what you do!

  3. My husband is exactly the same way! He hates skinny jeans on women! What?!! He once told me "why do you try and get creative with your outfits why don't you just go to a store and just buy what is on the mannequin?" I was like "Ewww no" Hahahaha!
    I love your sense of style! Don't change :-)

  4. This post cracks me up. My husband hates "vintage" clothing. I used to have a vintage blouse and he said I looked like a homeschooler from little house on the prairie. I threw the shirt away after that. Ha ha.

  5. Your dress looks great! Men just don't get it when it comes to fashion. You always look beautiful!

  6. My husband usually puts items like this straight into "grandma" category and I cry a little inside when it happens. Florals, cable knit, vintage anything... all "grandma". 15 years into this marriage and he still surprises me by some of his comments but I will say he's come a looooong way (well, both of us have, I guess). Awesome job on the dress! You should put that in a side-by-side before/after and tell how you did that... amazing!

  7. Haha, perfect timing. Yesterday my husband saw a new jean jacket purchase I had made recently and totally made fun of it. He said it reminded him of the "white washed look from the 80's." Let's face it, most of the time we just dress for ourselves and other women...men just don't get it! Love the dress and the vest!!

  8. I love the dress! My husband also thinks vintage is a little weird, but I'm obsessed. And he just laughs at my fur vest.

  9. I do like the second version better, did you alter it because it looks way bigger the first time.
    I love it paired with the fur vest, fabulous look!
    As far as me and my hubs... he's not fashion savvy at all... totally benefits me!

  10. Oh gosh my husband and I are the same way. He is way too analyltical for me... although he does try sometimes. When it comes to my personal style and the way I dress though... forget it! I bought a long red velvet duster that I was so so so excited about. When it came, I put it on and asked him about it the next Sunday, his response was... "sure it looks nice." I'm sitting there gushing over how much I just LOVE it and he said, "Sure"... way to make a girl feel great! haha But he didn't say anything negative so that's a good thing right?

  11. I love the dress and the whole look! You have fabulous style, and inspire me to dress better. Most men have no vision, and have an absurd idea of what is sexy or attractive on women. My husband would have me in heels and skin tight mini skirts all day! Ridiculous.
    Just know that we all validate you and try to take his comments with a grain of salt.

  12. The dress is awesome it LOOKS great, just what I was hoping for my wedding. The construction to shape the bodice is really great for support. Can't wait to wear it.
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