Sunless Tanner Q&A's - Follow Up


Sunless Tanner Q&A's---- answers to common questions about using sunless tanner

A few weeks back I posted about my sunless tanner routine and your response really surprised me! I'm so glad you are wanting and willing to try it because 1. if I can do it you can do it and 2. it really is such a great addition to your beauty routine. I did my best to get back to individual questions about my tanner, but there were a few that I wanted to share because they weren't covered in my last post

Does your tanner smell?

A little. My husband can smell it, but it really is minimal. Unlike other self tanners, I cannot smell it on myself throughout the day unless I really stick my arm to my nose. I don't mind the smell on its own, but definitely smell any tanning lotion before you buy it because it will stick around to some degree. 

Did you have to go a shade darker with your foundation after you started using self tanner?

I have not. But I do think it is a good idea to have a darker shade on hand. (I haven't because I'm cheap.) On the days when I apply tanner, I can tell that my skin is darker than my normal foundation, obviously. But because I contour and use a bronzer in my makeup routine, it doesn't affect my overall look. 

Do you use the same tanner on your face as your body?

Yes. I was worried about extra breakouts or blemishes, but so far it hasn't caused any problems. I know there are specific tanners out there for your face, but I have not felt the need to try any. If you do use a separate tanner for your face, please tell me why in the comments - maybe I should be using one! 

When do you put on your tanning lotion versus your moisturizer and anti-aging creams?

I do use a toner and a moisturizer in the morning and at night. I will usually use both before I use my tanner. My face gets especially dry in the winter and moisturizing before I tan helps to keep the color even and soften any dry spots before the color hits them. I typically put self tanner on in the morning after I shower and before I do my makeup. 

Does your tanner ruin your white sheets or clothing?

Yes and no. Self tanner will ruin anything that is white if it is not totally soaked in. I let my tanner absorb for about ten minutes before I get dressed. I have an old robe that I slip on after I apply tanner so that I can run around the house somewhat clothed while it sets in. Yes a little rubs off, but as a momma of three boys I don't have time to just stand nude in the bathroom for ten minutes and expect to be left alone. Also, we have dark colored sheets so I cannot say if it has gotten on my bedding. I can guarantee you that if you use self tanner you will ruin or stain something, but you can keep it to a minimum if you rub it in well and wait for it to absorb before you put clothing on your body. 

Sunless Tanner Q&A's---- answers to common questions about using sunless tanner

If you have any other questions you can refer to my first post or leave them in the comments. I'll do my best to get back to you!

Have you tried tanner since I last posted? Do you have any tips I haven't shared?


  1. I've been using L'Oreal's self tanning gelee that dries faster than lotion. I've had zero problems with staining as a result.

    It also has a slight smell, but I only really notice it if I "stick my arm to my nose" ;) or when I get in the shower. I think the moisture from the shower brings out the smell more. It's not a terrible or strong smell, though.

  2. i love love love sunless tanner! i typically use Sephora's brand mist, but when i am too lazy to hit the mall, i fall back on Banana Boat Summer Color Mist. I prefer the mists to lotion --I feel like I get it on more evenly? I think its totally a personal pref, though.
    I've always shyed (shied?) away from doing my face because my face breaks out so easily. I should really invest in a product for it.
    Oh - and I shower in the AM and use it and we have white sheets and I've never had an issue with discoloring. Or if I have, I've not noticed it and it comes out in the wash (and I don't use bleach).

  3. I love sunless tanners! I really enjoy custom mystic tans as well. I also have problems with breakouts on my face after however, Yours look great!

  4. Sunless tanners inhibit your body from producing vitamin D.

  5. i just found your blog, and i can NOT get enough of your hair!!! love love love.

  6. Here's a question I've been trying to answer for years: I've tested just about every type of sunless tanner out there (drugstore, fancy, etc) and I am heinously allergic to all of them -- I break out in itchy, blotchy hives after a day or so. I think I must be reacting to the active ingredient, DHA. Do you know of any sunless tanners that DON'T use DHA?

  7. Curious - how does your self-tanner hold up to swimming pool water? Have you had an opportunity to try it put poolside? Thanks!


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