Shop Update - New Leather Earring Size Available and Free Shipping


I am so excited for our shop update today! If you follow me on IG or on FB, you may have already heard, but I'm officially announcing our new earring size today! I've heard your requests and listened to your feedback, and now we have two size options available. The large (original) size measures three inches long and the new, smaller size measures two inches long. I prefer the larger size, but the smaller size is so chic! Between the two, you will definitely be able to find the perfect pair for you.

Silver leather earrings are the perfect on trend, mom-friendly accessory

Now, I hate sales. I am terrible at them and I feel guilty pushing product on anyone - BUT I love to promote products that I love. If I find a winner, I want to tell everyone about it! And these fit the bill. These earrings are life changing. I mean it. When I cut out our first draft pair of these earrings, I was excited about the idea. I loved the look of the leather and knew it would look great as an earring. What I didn't know was how many ways they would amaze me and that they would replace all the other earrings in my jewelry box. I just have to tell you five reasons that I am obsessed with these earrings, and why you need them too.

  1. They are incredibly light weight. I love big earrings, but they're always so heavy! There is no comparison, especially for the size, between a leather earring and a metal earring. You literally cannot even feel that you have earrings on. Over and over, customers have told me that they forgot they were even wearing any. When was the last time you said that about a 3-inch long pair of earrings?
  2. They are flexible. I lay down with my kids all the time - at nap time, at bed time, to play on the floor - and my previous earrings would get in the way. They would poke my face or my neck or just have to come off. These earrings actually bend when I lay down, which is perfect for any event in my SAHM day!
  3. The teardrop shape is flattering on everyone! I have loved and worn teardrop shape earrings for years. They are hands-down my favorite shape to wear. I mocked up our first pair of leather earrings by tracing my favorite pair. When we started selling them, many women asked for a smaller version. I realize that personal preference, hair length, and face shape can require different size options, but the teardrop shape looks great on literally everyone!
  4. Leather offers an amazing variety of colors, textures, and finishes that you can't find in any other jewelry. Every time I walk into the leather store, I am blown away by the fantastic colors and textures of the gorgeous leather hides. It is like the fabric store on steriods! I have handpicked each hide that we cut our earrings from because of its color or finish. I love the texture that the leopard suede earrings add to an outfit and the pop of shine that the metallic earrings give. I don't wear any other earrings anymore because I can always find some that match whatever I'm wearing! The only problem you'll find is that you will want one in every color.
  5. Leather is having a BIG moment right now. There is nothing hotter than leather accessories, leather pants, leather skirts, leather bags, and leather cuffs this year. So many of our customers and my friends have told me that they get compliments EVERY time they wear them. I do too! If I haven't convinced you with numbers 1-4, know that you will definitely be on-trend and in style this year in leather earrings.

Silver leather earrings are the perfect on trend, mom-friendly accessory

So the best news? You can order them now. Both sizes are available in the shop, and they ship free through Valentine's Day. NO coupon code needed! Snag a pair now (the silver is my go-to), and then let your Valentine know which other pairs to get you for V-day.

Have you tried a pair yet? Which color are you craving? Which is your favorite?


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