My Fashion Phobias

In high school, I used to ONLY wear either tiny, tiny diamond earrings or the smallest hoops I could find. I felt so weird in anything else! It wasn't until college that I got a little bolder and even bought what seemed like really large wooden dangly earrings. My husband reacted like I was crazy, and I kind of thought so too! They looked so different on me! Clearly I have gotten over that problem because giant earrings are all I wear now. (I may have even developed a phobia of studs!) While I have overcome my fear of big earrings, I still have a few fashion phobias that I can't shake. No matter how often I try them or how many ways, they just feel awkward on me! I'm bravely admitting my top four fashion phobias today and would love to hear yours!

Dark lip, all black with brown boots and a red fringe scarf

1. Dark lipstick. This has come back in style after many years of lip gloss ruling the beauty department. I love the look of it. My friend Kelsey always looks fantastic in every shade of a dark lip, but no matter how I try, I just don't feel like myself! This pic is from last year and I don't know that I have worn a dark lip since!

Belted blouse, gray skirt, nude pumps

2. Belts. Yes, I know, we sell belts. We make belts. But belts on a little boy or girl is different than belts on a woman. From before we even got married my husband has been buying me belts and trying to get me to wear them - but I just don't! Every once in a while I think a belt is easy to add and looks great on me, but not day-to-day. But I do think that other people look great in them!

3. Tights. I don't even have an example photo of me in tights because that really is how often I wear them. It may have started when I was a kid and constantly had to wear tights for ballet, but I really don't like them. I never feel cute in them and honestly I don't know how to make them look good! They confound me and I realize how silly that sounds, but no matter how many pair I own (20) I still can't make them work. (Yes, my legs get cold in skirts in the winter.) Merrick however does an AMAZING job styling tights. You would think I could learn a thing or two from her!

Statement necklace, blouse and boot cut denim

4. Large Necklaces. The classic bubble necklace is one of the only large necklaces that I own and I loved wearing it a few years back, but I haven't bought another since. I think it comes from my love for large earrings (or fear of studs), but large necklaces are difficult for me. I would rather wear a simple pendant necklace or dainty short necklace any day. It is tough because there are so many amazing statement necklaces in style right now, but when it comes down to it, I won't wear them!

So, now that you know my secrets, what are your fashion phobias? As seen with my dramatic change of earring preference, I think there are some phobias you just gotta push through. I love dark lips on other people so I may just keep trying them out. Even if I don't go really dark, I've taken to red lips lately and maybe I could push myself to try a pink one, too. Who knows? Maybe I'll even figure tights out one day!

Do you feel like there are some accessories or beauty products that you just can't wear? Have you overcome any?


  1. All of your "Fashion Phobias" look AMAZING on you!

    Love the darker shade of lipstick, the belted shirt and the necklace!

    I also have a belt phobia. I absolutely love the look on everyone that I see it on and although I have purchased many many belts, I just end up taking the belt off before leaving the house!

  2. I'm right there with you on the dark lipstick! I've been trying to find the right shade of red for over a year and every time I try, I feel so awkward and take it off before anyone sees. I just recently got into belts because I've found they are necessity for defining my ever disappearing waistline during pregnancy. My other phobia is booties. I own so many pairs and I just can't make them work! I keep trying but I never feel comfortable in them.

  3. My biggest fashion phobia is probably wearing patterns - I'm a TOTAL solids girl and whenever I put on something with a pattern I think I just look utterly ridiculous. I'm not one for wearing a dark lipstick either, btw.

  4. Oh man, the dark lipstick is so one of my fashion phobias. I can do the other three but I have plenty of other fashion phobias! Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see even fashion mavens have phobias! 😘

  5. You look so good in all three of these photos, despite your phobias :)
    I am a bit afraid of anything that draws too much attention to myself--bright lipstick, bright colored pants, headbands--but I agree, you just have to push through until you become comfortable/feel normal.
    Oh, and yes, feel free to share my comment about the earrings from the other day, or a photo if you want. :)

  6. love this!! Im totally a stud or giant hoop earring girl. I personally CAN NOT get on board with a dangle style earring. hahaha I love them on everyone except myself. I'm literally so uncomfortable in dresses..its insane. I love LOVE dresses but I feel like a totally dork in them! hahahaah #random

  7. I definitely have a dark lip phobia...I am a chapstick kind of girl...but agree that it looks so pretty! I also don't wear patterns a lot..I'm always afraid my pattern is going to look childish or old lady ish :) I have a phobia for most things clothing...I love it but when it comes down to it I have a hard time finding clothes I think I look good husband has twice the amount of clothes than I do...sad..I know :)

  8. Kilee! This is the cutest post ever! You are so dang cute! You would look amazing in some dark purple or wine red! You have the perfect skin color to go with any shade!


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