InstaFriday - Enough with the Snow


First off today, I have to say THANK YOU so much for all of your support with yesterday's sale. So many people shared the deal with their friends and family and on social media. Oh my goodness, thank you! It made a difference and I am so grateful! I can't wait to get your goodies to you!

We have been snowed in all week and honestly I am so glad it is Friday and that we have a fun holiday coming up next week. I've been doing just a little bit of Valentine's Day crafting, but a little pink and red goes a long way.

You may know that I love to buy myself flowers from the grocery store and carnations are my very favorite. One $5 bouquet goes a long way and lasts for more than a week. They are my kind of flower!

Soren has been really busy at work this week with projects, but he's found a little bit of time to work on his first shearling and deer skin bomber hat. He made the pattern himself and it turned out amazingly well. He is such a perfectionist that there will have to be a few more drafts, but holy cow, it is COZY. 

We found time and energy for hair cuts this week. This was Knox's third cut and he did awesome. I only wish the other two would behave so well during theirs!

Although he hasn't made any real progress with crawling yet, Knox is getting so big! He loves to eat anything and everything. His favorite thing is to eat his brothers' crusts, and they don't mind at all.

Speaking of big kids: I love and hate how big Easton is getting. He is the only one that I mourn as he gets older each day. I love that he can help me and wants to, but mostly I just want him to stay small. I can't handle my first guy growing up. Why is it so painful?!?!

Knox loves his brothers. It is my favorite thing right now to see them spend time together. Kesler can make Knox laugh and laugh and laugh. Easton is so good at sitting with him, talking to him, and teaching him things. They are so sweet to each other almost all the time. There really is nothing better in life than my kids loving on each other.

Being stuck home because of cold and snow has been tough, but we've been creative with it. We've made snow globes, snow ice cream, and lots of cookies. I made these cards for Easton to follow and build his Duplos to match. He really took to it and in a way I was teaching him to fill orders. I'd give him his 'invoice' and he would give me the 'product.' I'm sure we'll be getting out tomorrow finally, but it has been nice to slow down and do things with my kids at home.

What do you do when you are snowed in? How about for Valentine's Day? Do you have any fun traditions in your family?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Little ones in footie pajamas just melts my heart. Your boys are adorable.

  2. Such cute little boys!
    I wore your earrings when I gave birth to my son last week--a testimony to how comfy they are. :) See Ephraim's birth photos
    I ordered more earrings yesterday with your deal, and I'm excited to get 3 more colors!


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