Family Time and Getting Healthy - The Color Run

I have been a runner off and on since junior high cross country. I really got hooked in college when I trained for a marathon and a half marathon. I hate getting back into shape, but when I'm consistent with it, there is nothing better than a long run. Since having kids, I have done four or five 5k races, but I haven't been in shape or in the habit to do more. And I think I've decided I'm okay with that. While I don't have or take the time for daily runs, I do enjoy being in shape and spending time exercising with my kiddos. 

One of our favorite ways to work out together is to go to the local track. The kids bring a soccer ball and play in the middle while I run around the outside. Sometimes they find more to get into than just soccer, but it is a fun time for everyone. This year, I'll be pushing my jogging stroller around the track while the older two play. 

We also love to just go on a walk, jog, or bike ride around the half-mile loop in our neighborhood. 

Last fall I did a few races, but one that I missed was The Color Run. I was about 9 months pregnant when it came to Kansas City last year, so I'm really excited to do it this year! I think we'll do it as a whole family (except for the baby!). My boys will love it and it will be an awesome family memory. This year looks like it will be even better than years past because it is the new 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour with new t-shirts, wristbands and more. I can't wait!

The Color Run in Kansas City is May 31st and signup starts today. I know that for the last few years it has sold out very quickly, so I'm definitely jumping on it right away. Especially because we currently have two feet of snow outside - I NEED some things to look forward to when it warms up!

If you're like me, you can sign up for the run in your city here. Be sure to use this code for $5 off registration: COLOR5OFF.


  1. I did the Color Run here in NYC a few months ago (my first 5K!) and loved every minute. You are going to have a BLAST! Just make sure you wear sunglasses and a bandanna around your neck -- you can pull it up over your nose and mouth when you go through the color stations so you don't breathe in colorful dust :-)

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