Everyday Style - Forget About High Heels

I'll be honest, I've been breaking my own everyday style rules lately. Last edition of Everyday Style, I preached about just changing out of your pajamas to up your daily style factor. I have so been breaking this rule lately, but I'm blaming it on the snow and freezing temps that have kept us somewhat homebound. Whatever my excuse, I'm back to keeping my own commandments because I did not feel good or like myself on the days when I went makeup-less, un-showered and bra-less until 3 pm. I get that it happens to the best of us, but I sure don't prefer it!

Striped tee, serape scarf and tall tan boots- Everyday style with ONE llittle MOMMA
Shirt: GAP
Pants: TJ Maxx
Boots: Vintage Thrifted

Gray tee, red cords, flag scarf and Converse
Shirt: c/o Everlane
Pants: Thrifted (GAP)
Shoes: Thrifted (Converse)
Scarf: Very Jane

Teal cardigan, dark denim and ankle boots
Sweater: c/o Dana-Leigh Apparel
Tee: GAP
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: World Market

This week's tip is all about shoes. Buy cute shoes that you can wear every day. Choose shoes that have a low heel and are comfortable and stylish but still practical! There are PLENTY of cute shoes out there that fit this description. They don't all have to be sneakers (although a cute pair of those will go a long way), but don't spend much money on 5-inch heels, no matter how gorgeous they are! I have found as a mom, heck even in high school, as a college student, or pre-motherhood, I need fabulous shoes that work every day with all of my clothes. I will not wear running shoes daily and I almost never get to wear heels. Who does get to wear heels every day? I read a lot of fashion blogs and the main complaint I have is their shoe choice. I love beautiful shoes with a high heel or wedge, but if they are not workable on two or more days of my week, I almost never buy them!

Some of my favorites are Converse, TOMS, ballet flats, low heel or flat ankle boots, tall boots with a low heel and moccasins. I know some people love rain boots as well, but I don't love them for everyday wear on me. In the spring and summer, I love to wear wedge or platform sandals, but they have to feel more like a shoe than a high heel. Otherwise I only real heels for dates or church.

What is your go-to shoe? Have I missed any great ones?


  1. I'm not a mum but I prefer flat shoes to heels...I walk a lot so I have to....glad trainers are back in style....I'm a new bloglovin follower from London!! Have a lovely weekend.


  2. So true about the shoes! I am loving my ankle booties lately.....they have a little heel but are surprisingly comfortable. I've been on the hunt for a cute pair of sneakers like Cons. I think I could get a lot of wear out of them too! Love all of your outfits! ;).

  3. Good morning! I just happened to have a couple of minutes to myself(such a rare thing!), and had the chance to check out your blog this morning. I just happened to notice an "ADULT ONLY" gaming advertisement on your page, and I know for a fact you wouldn't have chosen this to appear on your page. I just wanted to let you know as soon as possible...Thank you for being such an inspiration which = huge blessing to all of us moms who are struggling to hold onto a sense of style and balance it with being sahm's...You're the best!

  4. amen! I used to wear heels all the time when I still worked in the salon (before kids) but now that I staying at home with the kiddos they just never seem practical. I get so frustrated that I can't find enough fashion inspiration for shoes that seem practical for my current life! Thanks for this post today!

  5. I LOVE that blue drapey sweater!

  6. I love all 3 - perfect style for the casual life of a stay at home mom who still wants to look cute!

  7. Beautiful outfits! My uniform seems to look a whole lot like your first outfit in today's looks. And as always, you make everything look amazing! :)

  8. These are all so cute! My go to looks currently are leggings, chiffon tops, and boots. I am so ready for things to warm up so I can do a little more than that!

  9. I practically live in boots, I have a pair of sweater boots that go great with most stuff, and in addition I love converse Toms and cute boat shoes!

  10. Yep, my kind of styled outfits right here...you won't see me in heels for work #noway. Love it all ;)

  11. Do u take your shoes off in the house? I always see these great outfit ideas and definitely agree that it's best to clean up a little as a stay at home mom, but I don't like to get shoe gunk all over the house especially since my daughter just turned one and is starting to explore (still crawling).

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