What I Wore: Navy Stripes and an Army Vest


Thick navy stripes, utility vest and ankle boots

Ombre short hair

Stripes, vest, cropped denim and ankle boots

Stripes, military vest
 Vest: Thrifted and DIY
Shirt: F21
Pants: Levi
Shoes: Target
Earrings, Watch and Cuff: ONE little BELT

I was blown away at the response to yesterday's post. I'm SO glad that it was helpful because I anticipated it being kind of a weak posts. But then once I thought about it it made sense- what people wear at home is kind of a huge mystery. No one really blogs about it and no one really sees it- but we all know there is a better way as we walk around in saggy sweats or pajamas. I'll definitely be posting another What I Wore: At Home Edition in the Spring/Summer as someone suggested. I think it will help motivate me to figure out this cute but cost effective lounge wear stuff too! I love hearing what helps and what you struggle with so please keep the requests coming. I can say that I'll be doing a What I Wore: Working Out Edition in the next few weeks as well. 

Anyway onto today- we had a teeny, tiny break in the deathly cold temps and I hopped outside yesterday for quick outfit pics. This outfit would be definitely be accompanied by a parka, gloves and maybe as scarf if I were really going anywhere, but since we just had playgroup indoors at our house I kept it to a light vest. I think this combo is extremely repeatable for you: navy/white stripes + military vest + skinny denim + ankle boots.

Thanks for the love. Keep the questions coming!


  1. I love this!! You can never have too many stripes either.

  2. too cute! I have a similar vest....gives me a cute idea for styling it :)

  3. I love the vest. Army green + black and white just works! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  4. I love this entire outfit! I have searched for those Target wedges for months and can never find my size. I love them and they go with everything!! Happy weekend! Susan


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