What I Wore: My Thrifted Vintage Fryes

Thrifted Vintage Frye boots and black knit pants/leggings

Cream sweater and leopard print earrings. Love this short ombre hair

Long sweater paired with black knit pants and thrifted tall brown boots

Cream and leopard

Long sweater paired with black knit pants and thrifted tall brown boots
Sweater: Thrifted (Charlotte Russe)
Pants: TJ Maxx
Boots: Thrifted (Frye)
Earrings: ONE little MOMMA

You must know by now that I really love to shop at thrift stores. I recently read this article in Lucky Magazine and it summed up perfectly much of what I love about thrifting. Thrifting is different than any other kind of shopping. Success is never guaranteed, but the potential for good finds is unlimited. There is no better way to find one of a kind items and I am all about the hunt. Believe me when I say that there are many days when I don't find anything great. I pop in and out and the trip was a dud. BUT what has hooked me is that there are days or should I say, there was ONE DAY when I found actual real treasure- VINTAGE FRYE BOOTS. I know what you are thinking and you would be even more upset if I told you how much I paid for them. 

This sweater was another thrifting success. I bought it without trying it on and while sometimes that comes back to bite me, this time it worked. My husband says this is definitely his favorite sweater that I own. He definitely doesn't mind my thrifting habit as much when I buy things he likes.

And........I gotta put in a plug for these earrings. These snow leopard print leather earrings are one of our best sellers and its not hard to see why. They go with everything and work great with all hair colors. 

So I gotta know, what has been your best thrifting score? And if you don't thrift- what has been your favorite clearance or sale score?

You can learn more about how I thrift from my Top Ten Thrifing Tips Part 1 and Part 2.


  1. You are so lucky! Those boots are awesome! The thrift store in my area are terrible. I wish we had better options.

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  2. My best thrifted score is a set of All-Clad cookware. I picked up 5 pots, 2 lids, and a steamer insert for $25! That's about $800+ worth of cookware. I still remember that day with a little smile.

  3. I stopped at goodwill in Seattle and totally scored a vintage leather pencil skirt! Love thrifting. It gives me such a high :)

  4. love love love the boots! my most recent thrifting score was a like new sacs fifth avenue leather pencil skirt for 99 cents. I almost didn't get it because it was so buttery soft it seemed fake, and then I checked the tag and my jaw dropped. love it when you come across real gems!

  5. My best thrifting score was a Dooney and Burke purse for $10 dollars. I didn't realize it was Dooney and Burke till I got home:) SCORE:) and I am not even a handbag girl:)

  6. Your boots are fantastic! I also thrifted a pair of Frye boots - I was pretty sure I heard angels singing. Love that Lucky article, too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous boots , love your style , great work



  8. I scored about 10 yards of fabric for $4. And I used most of it a couple of years ago to make Easter dresses for my two girls, my two nieces, and my cousins two girls. Happy day!

  9. Those boots! I LOVE thrifting, too. I live across an amazing thrift shop, and today I bought some nearly new Dolce Vita Celvin suede booties (129 bucks) for 5.99! I love it.


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