What I Wore: Backpacks are Back


Do yourself a favor and get a cute backpack mommas!

Destroyed flares, wedge sneakers, military jacket

White v-neck, military jacket, hooded sweatshirt

White v-neck, military jacket, hooded sweatshirt

White v-neck, military jacket, hooded sweatshirt
Tee: Hanes Men'e V-Neck
Sweatshirt: Thrifted
Jacket: Thrifted (American Eagle)
Jeans: Thrifted (Rue 21)
Shoes: Target
Backpack: Forever 21
Necklace: c/o Rafia Jewelry
Earrings: ONE little MOMMA

I thought I was done with backpacks when I graduated from college and declined Grad School. Oh how happy I was to just be able to carry a purse around! No more purse+ backpack or backpack acting as a purse. Well, purse morphed into diaper bag/giant purse and then along came three kids. And I'm back to a backpack. And I'm in love.

To be fair Soren has tried to get me to go with the backpack model for years. He hates carrying around purses/diaper bags that slip off of his shoulder. And I hate wearing gear (ie: mountain man packs) to go grocery shopping. We finally compromised when I found a cute backpack and, really, life is so much better. If you bump into me IRL you'll likely find a giant baby strapped to my front side and a backpack on the back- they balance me out- and act as a timer while I'm shopping. As soon as I'm too tired to walk one more step, the shopping trip is done. 

So while I wish I looked this cute in college, this look is totally the mom in me everyday. And speaking of the mom in me, you'll notice I'm wearing this Mommy Necklace from Rafia Jewelry. They were so sweet to send it to me on the terms that moms should be celebrated everyday, not just on Mother's Day. AMEN. Wouldn't this make a great gift???

Alright so, thoughts on the backpack? When did you last wear one?


  1. Ah, this is probably my favorite outfit to date! The backpack looks great too! Good luck back at school :).

  2. I love this outfit, it's totally my style :) Lookin' good, mama!

    aka Bailey

  3. I love a backpack diaper bag/mommy bag!

  4. Oh man, I am loving that backpack. I think it completes the laid back look!

  5. OH my heck. I love this outfit!!!

  6. I love it! I'm such a big fan of stripes (I buy anything with stripes!;). Your photos are amazing! Love the light in your photos!! Take care xx

  7. Can I just say I LOVE YOUR HAIR? And this outfit - you look great!
    Found you via WIWW and following!

  8. This past year I've been really getting into backpacks too- they're just sooo much easier to carry around rather than a big ol purse. And the one you have looks so pretty, it really jazzes up the outfit!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. I love this look! The backpack definitely fits right in :)

  10. Every week your outfits are just perfection. Love your look, lady!


  11. The jeans are kind of awesome, you look great in them!

  12. I never expected backpacks to be back but they sure are. Looking amazing here.


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