Resolutions and a $500 Giveaway

Welcome to 2014! Have you made any changes yet today? I hope that at this point in the day I will have woken up before the kids, brushed and flossed, worked out and drunken at least 16 oz of water. Oh, throw in a green smoothie for breakfast too. And the chances of that happening are about as high as they were yesterday- er... yester-year. Like 2.5%. 

Over the last week I have been thinking a lot about what changes I want to make this year. And how the last year went. Last year I didn't make specific resolutions, but instead I made a list of anything I could think of that I wanted to do for myself or for my family- anything I wanted to become or to change or to make. It was a long and lofty list. But I kept it in a notebook and throughout the year I read over it and checked a few things off. Now that 2013 has passed I am really amazed at all of the things that I knowingly or unknowingly accomplished. It wasn't rigorous or disciplined, but it was keeping a constant eye on the bigger perspective.  

I've been thinking about 2013 and the dreams that I have for it. I love the act of stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. There are so many thing that I need to work on and want to reach for, but I'm learning that they just won't happen in one determined day. I want to change, but change takes time. And a lot of self reflection. My resolution for this year is to take more time for that reflection. Instead of spending my "me time" shopping or on the internet, I want to make more time to think and to look ahead. So I'll be making my list and checking it more than twice and I bet I'll end up closer to who and where I want to be.

What are you hoping for this year? To help enable your success in your New Year Resolutions, whatever they may be, I, along with some of my favorite bloggers are sharing our resolutions. Plus we are joining to give away $500 to a store of your choice (or Amazon)! There are so many amazing New Year sales going on right now, and is a perfect place to start because you're able to find all the great deals in one place! 

To win, complete the entries through the Rafflecopter below -- each entry you complete will give you more chances to win the gift card!

This giveaway will be open until January 7th at midnight and is open to US residents only. 
Good luck!!

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