InstaFriday - The Best Part of My Week + Thrifting Finds

This week, a huge blogger conference is happening out west. I didn't have plans to go and I'm needed at home with my boys and my baby right now. But it has been tough to see and feel like everyone is there but me. Social media is great until it bombards you with how much FUN everyone seems to be having without you. I'm looking forward to a conference that I am scheduled to go to and to other vacations and events this year, but when I really think about it, there is no where else I'd rather be than home right now. What am I looking forward to? Um, tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be great! I wake up every day excited to get going and happy to do what I'm doing. I've had years of my life where the opposite was true, so this is time of life is particularly sweet and worth savoring.

This week has been particularly great for an unexpected reason. Monday morning, Soren woke me up at 6:30 to see if I wanted to work out with him. I was in the deepest of deep sleep and did not budge. That is until he whisper-shouted, "I need help, Kilee!" I stumbled out of bed to find him trying to drag our new elliptical down the stairs - on his own - without taking it apart. We both struggled and maneuvered it downstairs, but I swear I was still asleep. I was certainly in no condition to be moving a heavy object - much worse than intoxicated or on drugs. I was literally sleep walking.

But once we got it down there and I perked up a bit, we had an awesome morning. Soren and I love to watch The Bachelor together, but haven't been able to find time to start this new season. Every morning from 6:45-7:30, we have been working out together while watching part of the recent episodes. I definitely have not been working up a sweat everyday, but just being together, talking, stretching, and moving before the kids wake up has been the best part of my week. Worth dragging myself out of bed for for sure.

Easton snuck down to find us one morning in his pjs and snow boots. He was barely awake and I was cracking up at his outfit. Kids are hilarious.

What is not hilarious, but IS awesome is this guy! Knox has been sleeping through the night this week and I am over the moon about it. Every baby is so different so I can't say what really worked. He just kind of did it himself. Just one more reason to love this happy baby.

Kesler and I snuck off to the doughnut store during Easton's preschool this week. I found out yesterday that it is almost time to register Easton for kindergarten, and the anxiety is already setting in. I'm not ready for him to start school, and I know it will be even harder for Kesler to have Easton gone all day everyday. Ugh - I can't even type about it anymore. Moving on.

Our wild cats caused a stir this week. I was feeding the boys dinner while Soren worked late and felt something brush across my foot. I looked down expecting to see the cats, but instead saw a giant, furry mouse on steroids running under my chair. It was a surprise to say the least. When did they bring it in? How? I have no idea, but Soxie was content to play with it while it scurried around our kitchen. I grabbed a plastic mixing bowl and a book and scooped the poor giant thing up before they could kill it. The rodent got tossed outside and the cats went off to find it. 

I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram, and I love to follow people who really inspire me. Several that I follow are great cooks, and on Sunday, I felt inspired to make something new. I tried out a recipe for bread bowls and made chicken noodle soup to go in them. I probably shouldn't have subbed in wheat flour and agave syrup in the bread, but they still turned out pretty well. I felt accomplished just for trying!

After Sunday dinner, we went out on a walk because it was 60 degrees!! Of course now it is back down to 12 degrees, but what a wonderful relief that warm day was. It felt amazing to get outside without a coat!

One more high for the week? Monday was not only a holiday, but it was 50% off day at Savers. I was able to go thrift for an hour and, despite having a baby with me, found some great stuff.

I am the queen of shopping ahead, so some of these skirts are definitely feeling like spring, but I can't wait to wear the gray wool skirt and my new fur collars. Believe me, fur isn't going anywhere, so if you find some while thrifting or on sale, scoop it up. You will be glad when fall and winter roll around again!

I hope you had a great week! Did you have any great thrifting finds this week? What was the best part of your week?


  1. I'm loving how you and your hubs cherish time together. Such a great reminder, and may be just the ticket for what we need! Happy thrifting!

  2. I love your morning workout routine with your hubby! So fun and sweet! It's always the little things I really enjoy the most with my hubby too! I recently found your blog and am loving it! I LOVE thrifting too! You got some great finds! Have a great weekend!


  3. Hey, just found your blog and I love it.

  4. My husband and workout together on weekends! I love it, especially since he can spot me with the heavier weights... I also received the cardi I ordered from you, and OMG, I am in LOOOOOOOVE! I can not wait for my camo leggings to come in so I can wear it out, hopefully this weekend during date night with some cute converses!


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