InstaFriday- Anything But Thursday

One of my blogging resolutions for this year was to do a better job of posting worth-reading Friday posts. Ya know, something with some meat in it. But so far that has not been happening. I am SO tired by Thursday. In fact I am declaring Thursday as Mom-Has-Lost-Her-Mind Day. I really don't mind Wednesday- even as the rest of the world complains about it, but if I'm running low on all things patience, love, hope, joy, peace, sanity- then it must be Thursday.

This Thursday was definitely one of those days and it really didn't ever end. Sleep is the solution to my mental problems and I'll be heading there very shortly. I'm sure it is because I declared my OLW that today was just so difficult. I have a lot to learn about being content and from what I can tell mostly that just means experiencing really annoying, tiring, difficult days and learning to endure them well. Today I would give myself a C+.

We woke up to a mess of a house and had to get Easton off to school. I tried to just leave the house as it was and play trains with Kesler while Knox took his morning nap. That went well except I forgot how little I would get done when Knox woke up. I squeezed in a shower and a blow dry before we were 20 minutes late to pick up the kids from school and came home to the WRECK. (And messes just really raise my stress level ya know?)

The kids played in the wreck while I fed the baby and ate lunch. Knox has developed this not so nice shriek/yell when he wants to eat/is eating/is done eating and it is almost more than I can handle. It is SO grating! And so random from this happy baby!  I cleaned up the kitchen and regrouped enough to play Sequence and Jenga with the older kiddos (once again giving up Knox's nap time). After a few too many games ending in Kesler getting angry we stopped and I put on a show for the boys. The rest of the day was a blur of me battling to pick things up, hold a baby, feed a shrieking baby, answer 100 million preschooler questions and digging more patience and love from the depths of my lost sanity.

And now the kids are in bed and I do feel terrible for losing my temper with them or feeling so depressed and bored today- but I think I can and will declare insanity as my plea. I sure hope I wake up as my normal self tomorrow and things go so much better as they usually do. For now I will try and practice being content with how things went today and resolve for a better tomorrow- not matter what comes our way.

What were we up to the rest of this week?

Knox and my mom get along so well. We hit up the bowling alley with my family and I actually scored over 100. The kids had a great time.

Easton decided he was Professor Easton and picked out this amazing outfit for church on Sunday. I about died laughing on the inside. 

Despite freezing temps and snow, we've braved the weather to get some new ONE little BELT products photographed. Easton is SUCH a great helper anytime, anyplace.

Knox has graduated to sitting in the real shopping cart seat. This was his maiden voyage and he loved it. He settled in to chew on a bag of butterscotch chips and enjoy the scenery. What a big boy!

I made some awesome/terrible tortillas this week. Half tasted great, half tasted burned and they were all ugly.

Look who is an relatively sturdy self-sitter???

And really, who needs a play pin? This box is the PERFECT place for Knox to chill with his books, his blanket and his toys. 

I hope your weekend is amazing. We have no plans so things could go either way. I'm hoping for thrilling, but I'm sure it will all be great because- it won't be Thursday. 


  1. I love the professor Easton picture!!! Adorable!!

  2. "Momma said there'd be days like this..."
    I always think of that song when I have one of "those" days. :)
    Hang in there, momma. The transition to three kiddos was tough on me, but we managed and it got better. Now, we're on to four babies! I might be certifiably crazy. ;) not really...

  3. Professor Easton is definitely adorable. Also this describes my entire cooking experience: "Half tasted great, half tasted burned and they were all ugly."


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