What I Wore: Holiday in Red and Fur


Dress for the holidays in faux fur, bright red and nuetrals

Dress for the holidays in faux fur, bright red and nuetrals

Dress for the holidays in faux fur, bright red and nuetrals
Sweater: Target
Vest: Brickyard Buffalo
Pants: TJ Maxx
Boots: Old Navy
Clutch: TJ Maxx
Earrings: ONE little MOMMA
Cuff: F21

Over the Summer my husband took a new job. He likes it and overall it has been really great for our family. One of the many differences that pertain to me between this job and his last is the Christmas party. At his previous job the holiday party was always cocktail attire, but this year there is NO DRESS CODE listed. It is an afternoon party and I'm guessing everyone will be dressed on the casual side. Honestly this comes as mostly a relief for me because I can dress up but not have to really DRESS UP if you know what I mean? 

Anyway I already asked my husband if I can wear whatever I want and he replied with, "Yes, unless you already know I will hate it." So no, I cannot wear whatever I want. (I've tried going the vintage dress route in years past and those are very "husband repelling" at our house. Sometimes hubby's just don't "get" how fantastic a vintage dress or blouse or skirt can be.) So to make this long story short- I think this ensemble would work for this upcoming party. The red and the faux fur vest feel cheery and bright and because this is something I would wear anytime, I know I will be comfortable and feel like myself. (All essentials at a spouse's holiday work party wouldn't you agree?) 

So we'll see what I come up with. I will definitely let you in on what I wear and how it goes over with the hubs. What is the dress code for your work party this year? What are you wearing?


  1. Simply stunning!! You will look lovely at the party:) Susan

  2. Really love the outfit. Plus that clutch is perfect.

  3. GAH! LOVE THIS LOOK!!! The hairstylist in me is swooning over your hair too! Seriously…gorgeous! I think I'm going to have to stalk your blog now! (in the least creepy way possible, of course!! ;-)

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  5. I'm actually really bummed to be missing my company's holiday party this year! My office in Chicago was super casual, so it was always so much fun to see everyone dressed to the nines. I like the idea of an afternoon party though, and this outfit is super cute. I love the little bit of skin between the pants and boots - I've been rocking this look (which hubby HATES!) all throughout the fall. :)

  6. You look amazing in red!!
    and I love the vest!
    The whole outfit would be perfect for a holiday party :)

  7. This is a perfect holiday party look. Red is your color. That is funny about the husband not getting vintage. To my husband, "it's just old"
    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  8. Okay you are seriously the cutest thing ever! Love the entire outfit and your hair rocks!! Found you at the pleated poppy!!

  9. Ha! My husband is never a fan of my fave styles- especially faux fur. You rocked it.
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  10. stopping by from wiww, and i absolutely love your outfit! you are stunning!

  11. You look fantastic! Are those ON boots comfy?

  12. I love how you style the fur vest. I was thisclose to taking the plunge (yesterday?) on BB, but I just couldn't. I feel like a poser.

    Husband repelling. Ha ha! For my husband, that's ankle boots and flats.

  13. Adorable outfit! I am adding those boots to my wish list. I see in the reviews that most people found them tight. Some sized up and others said they stretched over time. What has been your experience?

  14. Love this!!! AND, I'm totally hosting the giveaway too! Funny! I think there are a ton of us!
    I’d love for you to come join my Inspired By link up... and inspire me and my readers!
    See you there!

  15. That color looks so pretty on you and the fur vest is so cute. This outfit would be great for the chrismas party, great balance between casual yet chic.
    Ms Dee Kay


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