What I Wore: Christmas Eve Plaid and Fur

Tone down plaid pants with chic basics like a fur vest, black sweater and neutral ankle boots

Fur vest, plaid pants, black sweater

Buffalo print pants

ONE little MOMMA

ONE little MOMMA

Fur vest, buffalo plaid pants, ankle boots
Shirt: Target
Vest: Brickyard Buffalo
Pants: Thrifted (Delias)
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: F21

I hope you and your family had the best Christmas yesterday- I know we really, really did. I was just pinching myself all day yesterday at how happy I was and how great life is. This has been a huge year for me, for our marriage and for our family and it hasn't been easy. Yesterday felt like a big payoff. What blessings to have three happy and healthy beautiful kids, a thriving marriage and more self confidence than ever before. (It takes a brave woman to wear pants this loud!)  

I'm sure you have seen enough red and fur combos out of me, but I've got this one more. I wanted to share this "holiday" look before the holidays are too far gone. I wore this on Christmas Eve for our family party. These buffalo plaid pants are loud enough that all they needed was some coordinating basics to let them do their thing. I think they will also work well with a graphic tee or a moto jacket without looking too juvenile. 

So onto New Years Eve! What are you planning? What are you wearing? 


  1. Never enough fur + red :) I'm going to Cirque du Soleil on NYE--so excited! I don't know exactly what I'm going to wear, but there will be sparkles involved.


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