Photo Friday: The Great Tree Hunt

Because we are so young in our family- I feel like we are more in the "creating traditions" phase of life rather than the "following traditions" phase. And it's that time of year right?Last weekend we wanted to go get our Christmas tree. I have yet to find the right fake tree so we usually just pick a real one up from Lowes, and dream of the days of a nice pre-lit evergreen.  Well on a whim I looked up a local tree farm and we decided to try our hand at cutting one down. What a great tradition to start!

The tree farm was DARLING. Like family-photo-shoot-location-next-year darling. The kids were so excited when we pulled in and couldn't wait to get out and get going.

We grabbed a saw and met some of the other customers, before heading out to the Christmas tree woods.

Oh, but guess who we found? Just Santa in his work clothes- helping out at the Christmas tree farm. He even posed for picture with us. As you can see, my kids were thrilled.

Everyone helped with choosing the tree. It wasn't easy, but we did it.

The boys all worked together to get the job done.

After we got our tree, we took a ride on a horse drawn wagon. The horses were enormous and so beautiful. 

We also snagged some free hot chocolate, cider and cookies. It really was a magical and family friendly place. As we loaded up and drove home, rather than wishing for a pre lit tree, we all dreamt about buying that tree farm and living there. Yes, we loved it that much. Maybe more.

Do you have a fake or real tree? When do you set it up?

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  1. We always get a real tree - and plan to always get a real tree! Our first year of marriage we got one at Walmart, which is pretty sad to look at now because it was SO skinny, but we thought it was GREAT at the time - ha! The past two years (including this year) we got a tree from the tree farm that's across the street from our neighborhood. I do remember one time about six years ago when I was living in CA - my aunt and uncle live in the mountains in northern CA and we literally went into the woods and cut down a tree for my aunt's house. It was so much fun. =]

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