Cyber Monday Shop Update

Welcome back! Did you have a wonderful long weekend? I feel like today is the day to stay home and clean up the MESS that the weekend brings! But I'm sure I'll squeeze in a few breaks to grab some great online deals as well! 

For Cyber Monday  we are offering our best deal yet. Seriously.  

 on all orders TODAY. 

So basically you get 33% off of your order and then it ships free. 

Discount + free shipping for the win. 

Want to snag a belt and a bow tie for your nephew? Get your sister a free pair of earrings too!

Been eyeing our cuffs? Grab two for your BFF's and get yours free!

Grab red plaid and green chevron bow ties for the holidays and then get a chambray one free!

Find all of our items here. 

Thank you so much for supporting our handmade business! We would love for you to share, pin, and spread the OLB love- you won't find a better deal on handmade, classic and chic accessories today!


  1. The Ex Factor Guide

    This definitely transfers over to eating. Being on a diet is not fun. Depriving and restricting yourself is not fun. Feeling guilty around food is not fun. However it is fun to be in control of how you are eating in a positive way. What I mean by that is that when you eat naturally or mindfully you are listening to your body's natural instincts. Therefore when your body tells you its hungry you eat. You eat exactly what you feel like, you stop when you've had enough and then you move onto something else, preferably something that is FUN! You are totally in control, but you are not depriving or restricting yourself.


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