What I Wore- Corduroys and Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing with stripes and aztec print

Stripes, aztec sweater, and red cords
Stacked short ombre hair
Red, black and white
Sweater: F21
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Old Navy

This is has got to be one my favorite color combinations right now. I'm loving black and white and this orange red is fantastic. I'm scooping up anything I can in this color! Straight leg cords are perfect for pairing with ankle boots- just cuff them above the boot with a messy rolled cuff. Afraid of pattern mixing? Try pairing two prints in the same color- just differ the print sizes. I chose black and white prints- one large Aztec print and then a quieter thin stripe. 


  1. Seriously one of my most fav outfits toivd poTed. Is the sweater still at f21?! Love it!! Love the whole combo of the red and stripes and everything!!

  2. Oh, cute! I agree, that combo is pretty great. And I love the pattern mix!


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