Nail Decals for Gracie- Help a Sweet Little One and Her Family

Even though life with three littles is often overwhelming, I am so blessed to have healthy and happy kiddos. My heart breaks for families with children who struggle with health issues. Summer from Made by Munchie's Mama is a friend of mine and recently shared the story of her dear friends who's daughter is fighting for here life right now! She has an awesome campaign to raise money for their family- which involves nail decals so you know I am all on board with it! Please read her story below and if you can grab a set or two of these cute decals to help this family!

Your help is needed.  Grace needs your help, any help you can spare.  Grace is the daughter of our dear friends Kristi and David.  When Kristi was 28 weeks pregnant they found out that their daughter would be born with Downs Syndrome.  The past year of sweet Grace's life has been a roller coaster to say the least and right now she is facing an up hill battle. 

If you would like to read more about their journey, please visit their blog.  Kristi and David update it daily to keep everyone in the loop with her progress and to let us know what we can pray for to help them.
 Grace recently underwent heart surgery in Boston and since she seemed to be recovering amazingly well, they released her and sent her and her family back to Texas where they live. 
Well, her recovery has taken a turn and she is having major complications.  She is currently sedated and intubated and will be life flighted back to Boston this morning because they are not able to provide the necessary care she needs to save her life in Texas.  Kristi will have to stay back in Texas to care for their other 2 children and to work since she has exhausted her time off and since her husband stays home to care for the children, it is their only means of income.  As you can imagine this is incredibly hard not only emotionally, but financially as well.  Along with insurance bills, the expense of room and board for David to stay in Boston with Grace is huge.
I have been feeling like I need to help their sweet family in some way.  This excerpt from a recent blog post of Kristi's just broke my mama heart and brought me to tears.
 It is a gut wrenching and heart breaking experience to get a text that "they are bringing out the crash cart to be safe." A praise is that I work in the Medical Center (which is where TCH is), so after receiving that text, I sprinted down the street as fast as I could while crying and praying out loud, "God, please don't take her home now..." (this has been a looming fear of mine that has been very difficult for me to shake the past few days).
To think that our Heavenly Father might call this little angel home is something I couldn't even wrap my brain around.  Each day I look for updates on Grace's progress and often shed tears of heartbreak.  I just need to do something, even if it small and insignificant.  The amazing thing is that if you all could help me do something small, it can have a huge impact on this beautiful girl and her sweet family.  To allow them to focus on the recovery of their daughter would be a huge gift.
I created a special sheet of nail decals that has a sample of all of my most popular designs.  I am donating ALL proceeds from the sale of these decals directly to Kristi and David to help alleviate some of the financial stress they are currently experiencing.  This design is available in black or white and is only $5 a sheet.
The Gracie Sample Sheet has:
6 single chevron
6 skinny chevron
6 lines
6 regular chevron
5 feathers
6 arrows
5 mustaches
5 hearts
Even if you don't think you would use these, they would make a great gift or stocking stuffer. 
CLICK HERE to purchase
If you would just like to make a paypal donation straight to Kristi and David you can send it to and I will send it on to them.  Please put "Team Gracie" in the message.
If you would like to copy and paste this and repost it on your blog I would be forever grateful!  If you could also take a second to share it on your social media as well, that would be wonderful too.
Here is a square image if you would like to instagram the info.
Thank you thank you thank you!

I grabbed a set of white ones and wouldn't these make great stocking stuffers? Thanks for your help- let's help this sweet little one!

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