How to Wear a Chambray Shirt- 9 Ways to Wear Chambray This Fall

A chambray shirt is now considered a staple in the modern woman's closet. In a world of colored and patterned denim, it only makes sense that the basic chambray shirt is everywhere. It has become a necessary top to help balance out all of the crazy pants, skirts, shorts and leggings. But, if you have yet to purchase one, or haven't found many ways to wear one yet, you might be looking for ideas. I've put together round up of the many ways I have worn one with you in mind.

Chambray + Army Green Pants + TOMS
Chambray + Army Green Pants + TOMS

Chambray + Floral denim + Ankle Boots
Chambray + Floral denim + Ankle Boots

Chambray + Colored Pencil Skirt + Belt + Nude Heels
Chambray + Colored Pencil Skirt + Belt + Nude Heels

Chambray + Maxi Skirt + Belt
Chambray + Mustard Denim + Ankle Boots

Chambray + Maxi Skirt + Belt
Chambray + Maxi Skirt + Belt

Chambray + Sweatshirt + Black Denim or Ponte Pants
Chambray + Sweatshirt + Black Denim or Ponte Pants
Chambray + Utility Vest + Tall Boots
Chambray + Utility Vest + Tall Boots

Chambray + Full Skirt + Scarf + Ankle Boots
Chambray + Full Skirt + Scarf + Ankle Boots

Chambray + Plaid Skirt + Flats
Chambray + Plaid Skirt + Flats

What is your favorite way to wear chambray? The possibilities are endless!


  1. Great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing :-D

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  2. I have couple different versions of the chambray and this has given me some great ideas. I love the pencil skirt outfit - a lot!
    Tracy@Its Mostly About Fashion

  3. I love chambray! It pairs so well with a million different things (as you showed so beautifully!). I think it's a wardrobe must-have. :)

    xo Always, Abby

  4. i ordered a chambray but didn't realize it was a crop top chambray... not very fall... have to get me one and use some of these great ideas!

  5. I love your mustard denim. Where did you get them? Love your blog!

  6. Ok I have a question...I have a chambray shirt that I want to wear under my sweaters, but how do you wear it so it does look weird (the buttons & everything show through the sweater). Do I need to wear a heavier sweater or a bigger sweater? I know a strange question


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