How to Curl Short Hair with Conair Curl Secret- Tutorial

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I love having short hair- it is easy and most of the time I don't even have to think about how to style it. But I do like to change it up sometimes and often I'm looking for new textures and ways to curl it. I have tried curling my hair with rollers, a flat iron and even a curling iron, but when I heard about the new automatic curling iron from Conair (and saw the video below), I knew I wanted to try it out. The Curl Secret produces amazing and gorgeous curls for long hair- no doubt about it- but would it work for my hair too? I'm here to report that it did- and I have a little tutorial for you too! 

Conair Curl Secret- Tutorial for Short Hair #shop #cbias #ConairCurl

Start with clean, tangle free straight hair- as straight as you can get it. The most important part is that you have combed through it thoroughly. (Try to ignore my widows peak from just having a baby- my hair has been falling out lately- ugh.)

Conair Curl Secret- Tutorial for Short Hair #shop #cbias #ConairCurl

It is amazingly easy to use. Section off a piece of hair- mine was about 2 inches wide. Make sure it it smooth and tangle free. Then you clamp the automatic curling iron at the root of the hair. The hair will wrap up into the head of the iron and you will hear a beep. It will beep several times depending on the timer setting that you choose and then beep four times quickly when that section is done. Then it will release the hair and a perfect curl will come out!

Conair Curl Secret- Tutorial for Short Hair #shop #cbias #ConairCurl

I pulled up the top half of my hair to start. I began curling the lower section first from back to front and when I was done I let down the top and curled it. 

What you see below are the finished curls before I added any product or touched them up with a flat iron. Because the back of my hair is SO short, I had to go back in with a flat iron to blend the short pieces in with the curls. (But it was so minimal and quick to do)

Conair Curl Secret- Tutorial for Short Hair #shop #cbias #ConairCurl

What you see below is the final result! I touched it up with some hair spray and a little bit with the flat iron. 

Conair Curl Secret- Tutorial for Short Hair #shop #cbias #ConairCurl

Conair Curl Secret- Tutorial for Short Hair #shop #cbias #ConairCurl

Conair Curl Secret- Tutorial for Short Hair #shop #cbias #ConairCurl
Conair Curl Secret- Tutorial for Short Hair #shop #cbias #ConairCurl

For more info and to see the Curl Secret on longer hair check out the video below.

What else did I love about The Curl Secret? It has multiple heat settings and timer settings to change the way that it curls. You can have tight ringlets or loose beach waves. I love that I can't burn myself on it- which has been a problem with multiple hair tools in my past! The curls are long lasting and it was so easy to use. It really gives great curls without having to be a master at hair styling! I wish, I wish I had a daughter to use this on. 
 I honestly would recommend this as an awesome Christmas present for a young teen, aunt, sister, or even mom! I found mine at Walmart which has them for $100 rather than $150 at most other places.

You can find more from Conair here: 
Twitter: @Conair_Hair


  1. Long or straight, I am loving your hair cut!

  2. Hey! I have to say, I only found your blog a few months ago and love it! I have so much respect for the fact that you find the time to still keep up with it being a mum of 3 and all ( I'm a mum of 2 boys)!!! I think your hair and your sense of style is fab! Please keep bringin us your posts and reminding us mums there's no need to be frumpy!! :D x

  3. Is this the same thing Mandy used on her hair a few weeks back? Super cute.

  4. Ah, love your hair! I just had this haircut until two days ago… went short short and jumped on the pixie wagon.

  5. Thank you for posting this review! Your hair looks great and I'm glad to see that Curl Secret works on short hair, too. This was the motivator I needed to get one. Thank you! :)

  6. J'adore, ça te va très bien :) mais faut dire que tu es très jolie aussi !!!

    Je viens moi même de le tester, et c'est marrant de voir comme l'effet peut-être différent d'une personne à une autre , si ça t'intéresse

    En tout cas j'aime bien ton Blog :)

  7. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! I've been saving up my money to get the Conair Curl Secret, and it's great to know that it won't tangle or rip out my hair! Do you feel like it takes longer than a regular curling iron or flat iron? Thank you!

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  11. What heat did you use to get waves like this? I recently got my hair cut in a similar style and have been having difficulty getting beachy waves the flat iron way. So I'm thinking about buying one of these.

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