What I Wore: Leather Jacket + Plaid

Update a men's plaid shirt with a leather jacket, big earrings and cute boots.

Wavy short ombre hair

Plaid, leather jacket, dark denim and tall boots

Plaid, leather jacket, dark denim and tall boots

Plaid, leather jacket, dark denim and tall boots
Shirt: Thrifted (vintage)
Jacket: Thrifted 
Jeans: Levi
Shoes: Thrifted

Are you wearing plaid yet this Fall? I am loving all kinds of plaid- especially button up shirts. This top is a little country with it's Western cut and and a little bit masculine with it's small plaid print. A [laid shirt like this is best styled with slightly modern and/or feminine pieces. I threw on a vegan leather moto style jacket to update the look and big statement earrings for some feminine bling. Tall London Tan colored boots completed the look balancing out the layers up top.

How are you wearing plaid?
Do you need more ideas for styling it?
Do you have a closet full or are you staying away from this print?


  1. I love it too! Your hair is so fabulous too!!


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  2. I just bought a dark brown leather jacket and have been stewing in whether or not I could wear them with my lighter boots. I over think these things BAD. Thanks for showing me it looks good to not be matchy matchy with the leathers

  3. Great outfit. Very edgy and cool. :)

  4. I shop so often that I'm always selling my old clothes. Well plaid is one thing I'll never sell!! Love it!

  5. That jacket is just gorgeous! I'm always a little shy about plaid, I have no idea why... I might try to incorporate some into my wardrobe soon, you pull it off so well :)
    I'm visiting from the WIWW linkup!
    Kitty & Buck

  6. yes to plaid. all day every day.
    Whenever i take or see photos like this i always wonder if all they neighbors are staring at the window going "what is that girl doing??" haha


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