InstaFriday- My Little Man Cub

It's InstaFriday and I'm sharing glimpses of our week. You can see day to day updates on Instagram @onelittlemomma.

Well, I survived, even thrived in, my marathon relay last weekend. We had a tough start to the day, but we made it. Rather than get up and leave the baby at 6 am, I decided to just go down with Soren and the boys a little later in the morning. I planned to catch my leg of the relay which was supposed to start at about 11. At 8:30 I got a call saying that I might actually need to start at about 10:15. So we rushed to get everyone and everything ready. We piled in the car and started to buckle everyone in when Knox inconveniently has an enormous blow out- all down his leg and onto mine! We ran him back upstairs and Soren and I tag teamed the mess. I wish someone had been there to capture the insanity on film. Once we got back downstairs the poor kid proceeded to spit up down my sleeve. Let me tell you- I was smelling good at that point. 

Soren sped all of the way to downtown and we got there in record timing- only to find out that the race had slowed down and we had 45 minutes to kill. The temps were COLD that morning so we were stuck in the car. We found a McDonalds to grab a late breakfast for everyone but me and I took a bathroom break. Soren, who doesn't eat out with the kids much, orders breakfast burritos that were less than kid friendly. The boys were not impressed leaving Soren to eat all six himself. 

I finally decided to go find my teammates and send the boys on to wait at the finish. As I get out to go, Soren tried to start the van only to find that the battery was dead. We were stuck. And the binkie was momentarily lost. So we were stuck with crying baby in tow. We were on a hill so Soren tried to start the van by driving down the hill- which didn't work. Thankfully my friends found us at that point with jumper cables. And I found the binkie right before I was about to burst into tears. What a mess. I left them all at that point to meet my partner at our starting point. They were able to get going and I didn't miss my start. I had a friend to run my leg with and we did awesome. She is six months pregnant and rocked it. No walking and good conversation kept us going steady till the end. We rocked our 4.2 mile leg. 

It was so rewarding to have the boys at the finish line. I love sharing things that I used to do with them and having them see their mom do something fun and healthy. I'm so glad I did it and so glad its over!

More outings this week included lunch at my brother's elementary school. It was my boys' first time doing the school lunch thing. The milk cartons were a challenge, but I think my brother was proud to have his nephews there. 

We also finally made it to the pumpkin patch! And we are going earlier next year- it was cold! We put on a bunch of layers and went with my mom and brother. The kids didn't care how cold it was. We fed the animals, did the slides and the corn mazes.

We are gearing up for Halloween next week and Kesler's birthday this weekend!

What fun traditions do you have in October?


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