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This baby loves the outside. He loves to look around- who could blame him? There is so much to see.

These jammies have been a  tradition since Easton was born. My momma sent them to us in Seattle and even though they are ridiculous- every one of our kids WILL wear them.

I had my 5k this last weekend. The marathon relay is this Saturday, so a 5k was a good preparation for it. The run was a benefit for the older brother of a friend from high school who passed away recently and left a widow and three year old son. It was good to support their family and get a good race under my belt. I ran the whole time, but if you follow me on IG you read that I had some bladder issues. Incontinence after having babies is a real thing my friends.

We have seeded our grass a few weeks back. What a job it is to keep it watered! I am becoming a pro at working the sprinklers, but holy cow- it is a full time job. Thank goodness we are starting to see the tiny shoots of new grass peek up. It is going to look so good come Spring! Knox is usually under one arm as I dart around the grass moving the hoses.

We stopped by Soren's work one day this week to drop something off to him. Kesler and Knox and I picked up lunch to take in to him too and we all stayed to eat. I love random lunch dates!

Kesler kept showing off his BIG BITES. Soren tried to one up him, but Kesler wasn't impressed.

This week has been a challenging one. Again. I am still not acclimated to this time of life- its tough to be ON 24/7. No one has been napping predictably and my personal time has been VERY limited. Thank goodness for a husband who heard me losing my mind and got home for me to go to ballet tonight. I warned that I might not come home at all, but after ballet and a little thrifting with a friend, I was feeling much better. And guess what? I even came home to kids in bed- sleeping! Miracles do exist my friends. Here's hope for tomorrow! Hope you had a great week. Wish me luck running tomorrow!

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