Favorite Fall Outfits from 2012


I thought it would be fun to share my favorite Fall outfits from last year- because I would still wear them today. Styles and trends do change, but they typically don't change too much within a year or two. It is generally pretty safe to wear your trendy favorites from the year before. Where you get into trouble is when you keep wearing your favorites- and nothing new- year after year after year!

Mix brown and black with a pencil skirt, patterned scarf and ankle boots
Details here.

Men's sweater, tall boots and gold jewelry

What are your favorite pieces you have been wearing again this Fall? 


  1. My goodness, you are just so darn cute girl! I recently started following you. I love that your outfits are attainable and every day but put together. I also appreciate seeing the outfits from last year. What type of camera do you use. I just started my own blog (literally last week) but my old camera isn't cutting it.


  2. Thats how I get into trouble, I wear the same old alll the time. But Im slowly picking up key pieces that I feel I can "pull' off and still be comfortable, like wedge booties- I finally got a pair :) Your Target boots are awesome.

  3. all these outfits are adorable and perfect even for NW weather when its actually too cold to be in skirts! :)

  4. adorable...LOVE the star sweater..so damn cute! All the looks are fabulous.
    I KNOW, I just started pinning fall and winter looks to my MY STYLE board on pinterest because I would wear SO many of them again today....


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