Honest- The Stuggle to Be Authentic

Every once and a while on my blog,  I'll share what I call an 'honest post.' Not to say that I'm not honest in all of my posts, but sometimes I just need to be MORE honest. Usually I am sharing something that I have been struggling with or feel like being real about. I've written about having a mean face, pregnancy weight gain struggles, and the birth of our third son. Today I'm here with another honest post.

I have struggled with self love for most of my life and that has shown itself in different ways. I have been shy, struggled with an eating disorder and even struggled with having real relationships. I've also held myself back from doing the things that I really wanted. I know this is common for a lot of women. Just in the last year do I feel like I have been conquering some of these demons and as a result feeling so much more confident, happy and yes, even pretty.

Two years ago- trying to model an outfit feeling SO insecure in front of the camera

What has changed things for me? I was introduced to a book called "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown. I deeply identified with almost everything in the book. It was like she wrote it for me! I learned a lot about why I have always struggled to feel confident in myself. A big part of that was realizing that because I didn't believe in my own self worth, I was always hustling for other people's approval. Sound familiar? 

The answer to stopping that cycle was/is a tough one. Authenticity. Yes, that sounds intense, but hear me out. I started by making authenticity my number one goal in situations where I felt insecure. I found that if my goal was to be authentic all of the time and no one liked me- then I was still successful and my confidence increased. On the opposite end, if my goal was to be liked and no one liked me, then I would feel like a failure and I continued to feel worth less. 

So I tried it and guess what? It works. I am so proud of myself when I am open and honest in any situation, that it doesn't matter how anything else turns out. The highest compliment to me now is to be told that I am 'real.' In the past I loved hearing how cute my outfit was or how well I did something, but now it just feels good to be real. 

Today- feeling good in my skin

Being authentic is all about letting people see your inner beauty. At one point growing up I had the thought that I hoped nothing terrible ever happened to my physical appearance because then what would I have? I really thought that no one would want to be my friend or like me if I didn't have my looks. What a tragic thought! No one should ever think that. I hope that my attempts to be real will encourage others to be themselves too. 

What can you do to be more authentically you today?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I was talking about struggling with some of these things in my life last night! Your post was so encouraging!

  2. What a great post! You are such a blessing. I struggle with this.

  3. Well I've only known you 2 months, but I totally feel like what you see is what you get! Beautiful inside and out!

  4. Love this post. Think it's refreshing for people to show their real lives on social media rather than just the edited versions. My post today is a little too honest probably. :) Nice to meet you this week!

  5. such a good post. i struggle with many of the same insecurities. you do look waaaay more comfortable in the second picture, by the way. ;)

  6. Great post! Thank you! Isn't it amazing what a GREAT accessory,self confidence is?! It can make a whole outfit sparkle! Keep sparkling, Kilee!

  7. I just found this quote and it made me think of your post:

    "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." ~Judy Garland

    Lovely, isn't it?

  8. What a great post! I think this is an issue that every woman struggles with. Myself included! I love seeing the transformation between those two photos...keep letting your light shine! You are beautiful!

  9. Your honesty is refreshing, Kilee! Thanks for being real.


  10. Kilee- Thank you for getting a little personal and keepin' it real. I went out and bought the book and it's helped me so much with the anxiety I was experiencing with my new job. It's also helped me cope with an inferiority complex that I've struggled with since I was a child (I'm 37 now). Thank you for the ray of hope and kindness you brought to my life. Best wishes and blessings, Emma P.s. I also love all your outfits and especially how you pair clothes with scarfs. :)


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