What I Wore- Lace Cut Out Sweater and Boyfriend Jeans

slouchy tee, boyfriend jeans, and platform wedge sandals

slouchy tee, boyfriend jeans, and platform wedge sandals

lace cut out back- cute detail on a basic tee. DIY?

This is an outfit I could wear every day! I love how loose it all fits so that it is comfortable, but  it still dressed up enough to feel cute. I love basic pieces with unexpected details like this tee/sweater with the lace back. From the front it is just a basic cotton slouchy tee, but when you see the back you realize that there is more to it.

Both the top and the pants are loose fitting, but proportionately they work well together. They are similar in looseness, but also somewhat fitted. Usually you wouldn't want to wear two baggy items together, but because the sweater is more fitted in the arms and the pants are still fitted in the bum, they work well together. Boyfriend jeans may be intimidating to you, but you just have to find the right pair. I love them because they have a higher rise (coverage!) and are loose enough for all of the moving I do as a momma. When you shop be sure to look for a slim leg and a slightly fitted bum. I also like a little tear here and there, but that is just my style. 


  1. Those boyfriend jeans look great on you. I've tried them so many times and its just one of those things (like peplum) that looks horrible on my body type :(

  2. Sweats are great for winter wear around the house. These are fine except for the occasional pilling. I wish that they had a higher cotton content.


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