What I Wore- Birthday Stripes and Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriend jeans styled with loose tee and wedges- easy and chic

Boyfriend jeans styled with loose tee and wedges- easy and chic

Boyfriend jeans styled with loose tee and wedges- easy and chic

Shirt: F21
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: Thrifted (Target)

It is my birthday today and I am turning the big 2-7. Do I feel any older? A little. I feel a little old-ish. I think 27 crosses that line between a young adult and an adult. Or maybe having a third kid does that... Well, regardless of my age, I have so much to be thankful for. I can truly say that 26 was my best year so far an individual, in my marriage and as a mom. I can't wait to see what this year brings and try to make it better than the last.

And since is IS my birthday, I think this post can be a little more about me. I'll share five things about myself that you may not know about me yet!

1. You will never see me without my toe nails painted. They get about 2 hours off a year and otherwise they are red or black or nude or pink or any other color I'm feeling.

2. I am terrified of Big Foot. And the movie ET.

3. I ran for and won Senior Class President to impress/win back my previous boyfriend. I'm regretting it a little now that I am roped into am honored with planning our reunions for the rest of my life. (For the record we did get back together so maybe it worked...)

4. I can't tell my left from my right without holding up my left hand in an "L" shape. I get it wrong every time.

5. I have bought and worn swim suits from thrift stores more than once in my life. I am still undecided as to how gross it is. I can't say I wouldn't do it again yet, but I'm thinking most people would advise against it.

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  1. Perfect casual birthday look!
    xo Emma

  2. I have purchased a one-piece from a thrift store before, but it still had all the tags (and that weird crotch sticker) attached. I have no problem buying swimsuit tops from the thrift store though. I've refashioned a couple of things that way, and it's much nicer than trying to find the appropriate swim-material in the same cute patterns in the store.

    Happy Birthday! You look fantastic, as usual. :)

  3. Happy brith day!! You look amazing as always. Wishing you the best year ever. I will be 28 in feb ahhhh

  4. Happy Birthday!! Such a fun outfit.


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