Toddler Lace Detail Top Tutorial- 3 Ways


Last year I blogged about this sweatshirt that I made for myself after seeing a similar one on a very cute girl at a conference I attended. I had some inquiries about how I made it and intended to put together a tutorial for it. As I got started I realized how cute it would be miniaturized- so here is a fun DIY for your toddler this Fall!


One thing lead to another and today I have three darling version of this sweatshirt to share with you. Start with your basic sweatshirt. I picked up a new one for a few dollars in the baby section at Wal-mart. You don’t need much lace for any of these options so a small piece or some scraps of your choice of lace will work.


To make a replica of my original shirt, use a straight edge to measure and draw out your angled lines for the lace. I used chalk and made a mark at the collar and the bottom of the shirt to mark my section out.


The key is having the lines at the bottom of the shirt measure the same distance from each side of the shirt so that the angle is the same on each side of the lace.


Transfer your measurements to your lace and then use a rotary cutter and straight edge to cut your lines. I used scissors to cut the rounded collar out.


All that is left is to sew a basic straight stitch around the edge of the lace in white thread. You could also glue it down first, but one stitch around has held mine in place fine.


As I was cutting lace I realized how many more variations could be done with this same method! I just cut other scraps in different shapes and applied them the same way!


I do have to say that I think this peter pan collar one is my new favorite- so darling! I love that this can also be applied to sweaters or knit t-shirts- the possibilities are endless!



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