InstaFriday- Life is a Party

I have officially entered a new phase of life. I feel like the last week sums it up nicely. If you are on Instagram you saw it unfold- if not I'm glad you are here to catch up. Make sure you catch next week by following @onelittlemomma.

First indicator of a new phase? I got another year older. Yep, I turned 27 and threw a little party to celebrate. We had family over for a pink pig themed party and although the theme was a bit juvenile, I was gifted with all new baking pans and cookie scoops which are such a mom/adult gifts. I remember as a kid wondering why the heck my mom would want a new blender for Christmas. How not fun is that? Well, now I know why and how actually fun it is. To sum it up, I think I am more of an adult/mom than ever. Soren and I had a lovely discussion about how old I look and if I am old, yadda, yadda. He wasn't really thrilled to be a part of that one. It's the first of many I'm afraid hon.

Another new phase- uh having three kiddos. Under 4. Yes, I have had three kids for a few months now, but until now it has been smooth sailing. You see newborns sleep all of the time so they trick you into thinking that having another kid is NBD. And then they wake up. Knox is waking up a lot more during the day and so I am doing a lot more things one handed. Nothing drains my patience like only having one hand and three whiners instead of two. I remember having to adjust to two kids after Kesler was born and now I'm learning to adjust to three. It feels like someone is slowly sucking your free time away and tangibly stretching your patience. Painful.

But look how cute these guys are. Its all worth it. And it is all a matter of how selfish I am feeling. I'm constantly praying a prayer of selflessness and that seems to fix a lot of things.

Blogging and business has been better than ever lately though. I can say that I love my side job so much and am having the time of my life working to grow and build it. New products are coming this Fall that I can't wait for and I'm loving having the outlet. 

And lastly I'm back to trying some good habits. Going to bed a little earlier, getting up a little earlier and getting in a little exercise has been a good change. After being out of shape for so long now I hope I can start a new phase of working out a little more. I want it for me and I want my kids to see me as a strong mom who values exercise.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Happy birthday. Lovely to hear that even though you live in America and I am in the UK we are both Mummies doing our thing! I just turned 29 and will have three little ones under 5 once January comes around. We are having a girl this time rather than 3 boys. Very similar paths but totally different experiences. It's what makes life interesting. God bless x

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