InstaFriday- I Will Have No Memories of This Time of Life

Seriously, what a week. It has flown by and honestly it is a good think, er thing, that I have photos to remind me of what we did. Between how busy it was and how little sleep I got, my memories are hazy at best. It is InstaFriday again and I'm sharing a bit of the happenings in the Nickel's house.  You can follow day by day on IG @onelittlemomma.

Daily Kesler ties up my fridge with his red rope. I took the boys to a feed store a few months back to buy some rope. I needed some for the nursery and Soren wanted me to get the boys some to play with hoping to teach them the art of knot tying. Well, it turns out that Kesler is a naturally gifted knot tyer. He makes up the most absurd knots that are really mom-proof. I can't count how many times I go to open the fridge and then am shocked when the doors are knotted together. What a boy!

We tried out a new pool for the last playgroup of Summer last week. It was really fun for the kids, but I had no idea how far away it was until we were already totally late. We got in the car to leave at the time when we needed to arrive and guess what my Maps App said? We had a 45 minute drive ahead of us! We finally made it and survived the day which somehow also had involved shots for the baby and grocery shopping. It was a bit of a mess- but some days are like that and we managed.

I'd say one of the highlights of my week was testing out a new area of work for me- a Clean Out the Closet job. I traded services with my graphic designer and we spend a morning delving through her closet. I will say I was a bit nervous going into it, but once we started it was fantastic. Brilliant things just started coming out of my mouth and we worked hard to find her personal style and then match her closet to that. I learned a ton and although it was exhausting, it was super rewarding.

I'd say one of the lows of my week was oh, finding Soren shaving our baby's head. Yes you read that right. Knox now has a buzz cut. To Soren's defense, we definitely are the people that cut our baby's hair early. I like having it grow in thick and even and we have done it for both of our other boys. BUT, we have never done it this early. The problem was that Soren didn't recall how early we had done it before and decided that it was time. Without me. Yes, I cried. I am still sad about it, but hopefully it will grow in quickly. Family photos will definitely be pushed back a bit now...

If you follow on IG then you already know that Shop My Closet started up this week. I have another IG account just for it and it has been an amazing first week! I am in awe at the positive response I have gotten and have loved sending my things on to new homes. Thanks so much for following there too! You can find it on IG @shoponelittlemommascloset.

Ready to hear what I'm taking on next? I can't believe I'm starting something else on top of what we have going on already, but I need this one. I'm joining up with some fun friends to run a leg of the KC Marathon relay style. I used to run a lot- like I have run a marathon and a half marathon on my own  before. But since the kiddos I've not been in great shape. So this will be a fun goal. I need to go from zero to 4.2 miles in about 2 months. I took the kids out with me a few times this week and we started. There wasn't a whole lot of running involved, but walking pushing 40+ pounds counts for something right?

Have  a great weekend. See ya Monday!

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  1. Love the pictures. Good luck on the marathon!!!

  2. Ummm. Can I borrow you for that whole clean out the closet thing? You could bring the kids, my kids would love the company :) @geminimom302

  3. pushing the stroller is great for training!


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