InstaFriday- Best Date to Date

It's InstaFriday- here again with another installment of our week. Thanks for stopping by to catch up with us- it has been busy like usual. If you want to get a daily play by play- you can follow on IG @onelittlemomma.

And to start off with a little announcement....see that tab at the top that says 'SHOP MY CLOSET'? Try clickin' on it- it actually goes somewhere! Yep- starting this week, you can shop my closet on Instagram. I love this blog feature because I no longer have to hold onto the cute things that fill up my closet and can make space to continue my thrifting addict ways. I always feel guilty getting rid of things that are still cute, but now I don't have to because you can inherit and love them! I know some of you said you would prefer this feature to stay on the blog instead of IG- but you can still browse online and then I'm happy if you message me about purchasing anything there. Does that work? Here are a few of the things you can find there now...but keep checking back because I'll keep adding to it!

Now for our week. I was already dreaming of a date night on Monday. Unfortunately it was only Monday and I was grocery shopping with three kiddos. So grocery store sushi had to work.

On Wednesday Knox had his two month check up. I knew he was going to weigh in hefty, but I didn't know how hefty. He is up to almost 15 pounds! That puts him at 95th percentile for weight and he was 85th percentile for length. The doctor could not believe how big he is- especially from only breastfeeding. He is definitely our chubbiest baby (Kesler was only 10th percentile for weight until he was 18 months) , but the funny thing is that he has the smallest head. His head is only 35th percentile which he got from Soren. My head is bigger than Soren and both of the other boys have it- they were always 95% for head circumference!

This little guy sure is a joy to have in our family though! I just love having a new baby to dress in cute stuff! The older boys just need play clothes at this time of year which usually means athletic tee and shorts, but this guy can get dressed up to my hearts content.

I found a new polish I am loving this week. This nude color was super cheap and momma friendly. It makes my nails look great while it is on and it's not very noticeable when it inevitably chips. (NYC Quick Dry Fashion Safari)

Yep, we knew he was chubby. We moved up to 3-6 month clothes for sure after busting out of this 3 month onesie. 

Remember that date night I was dreaming about? Well I definitely had my dreams come true! Soren surprised me with tickets to Taylor Swift! He bought them to celebrate starting his new job (which he LOVES- YAY!!!). We knew it would be a fun show, but we had no idea how fun! It was so entertaining and wholesome and just a great date! An added bonus was leaving all of the boys home with a sitter. It will be hard to top that evening- what a blast!

I hope you had a great week too! Enjoy your weekend!

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