Wallpaper/Wrapping Paper Backed Bookcase


You may have noticed that I am a pretty neutral gal. I love neutral colors and tend to add interest to things with a cool pattern or a great texture. This bookcase (ok, entire nursery) is no different.

We inherited this raw wood bookcase with our house. It has been in the basement collecting dust and storing who knows what until I caught a glimpse of it the other day. "Uh, can I have that bookcase for the nursery??" I asked Soren. He was reluctant to give it up, but with a few pleases he brought it upstairs for me. Doesn't it have great bones???


I found this wrapping paper in the dollar section at Target a while back and stocked up knowing I could use it for something. Well, it's day had come. We were putting it in this bookcase. You could also use wallpaper.


It definitely was a two person job. One person sprayed the adhesive glue while the other rolled out the paper. Then we carefully helped each other line up the patterns. Together we did the job perfectly.


We smoothed it all down with a credit card and used a razor blade to cut the edges. Then we stood it up and put the shelves back in. Isn't that pattern amazing?? It is just the right neutral pattern for that piece of furniture. I really love adding a pattern to the back of any shelving because it adds so much. If you like this project, check out my other bookcase that I did something similar with here.





  1. That is such an awesome idea! I love your choice of paper

  2. I thought the pattern looked super familiar...but I thought that was just because it's a pattern I could have seen anywhere. Turns out its because I have that same wrapping paper lol. Looks great!! So many possibilities with this technique

  3. Such an easy way to make a simple bookcase more interesting. I love it!

    Kate from Clear the Way


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