Summer Trend: How To Wear Neon

Trends are tricky. They are fun, short lived and they come around again and again. They also require some customization. Anyone can wear any trend, as long as they make it their own. The neon trend this year is one that I find especially tricky for most women, including myself, to translate to real life.

I have never liked neon and like peplum and hi-lo skirts, I thought this would be a trend for me to pass on. But one morning towards the end of pregnancy I woke up with an inexplicable urge to paint my nails neon yellow. The ONLY thing I felt like doing that day was going to get a neon yellow pedicure (yes I am strange like that). Enter my issue with pedicures- they cost too much and I always think I could have done just as good of a job myself. So alas I did not go to the nail salon. I did however go to the grocery store and by some miracle guess what color I found for a mere $3? The neon yellow to make my dreams come true. (Find it here.)

So, I have been turned on to neon. But there are a lot of colors that fall under the neon category. Are they all okay to wear? Not in my book- neon yellow is the safest option. I don't mind a little hot pink or possibly neon orange- but my advice is to stick with yellow. Also when you wear neon either choose one or two small accessories such as nail polish and a belt or one large item like a scarf or jacket.  Very few people can pull off more neon than that in one look!


Neon by onelittlemomma featuring a gold belt

Neon is so bright and shocking that it is easiest to pair it with neutrals. Stick to one other bright color if you want to avoid only neutrals. Emerald green, tomato red, and cobalt blue all pair well with neon yellow. In the collage below all of the clothing items can be mixed and matched to pair well with neon yellow ballet flats. See how easy it can be?

How To Wear Neon

Oufit Pairings
1. Striped b/w tee, white jeans, ballet flats
2. Chambray, white jeans, ballet flats
3. Nude blouse, white jeans, ballet flats
4. Graphic tee, white jeans, ballet flats
5. Chambray, camo, ballet flats
6. Striped b/w tee, camo, ballet flats
7. Nude blouse, camo, ballet flats
8. Graphic tee, camo, ballet flats

So, have you embraced this trend yet?? Are your toes itching for some highlighter yellow polish now too??


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