InstaFriday- Thrifting Finds and Shop My Closet

It is InstaFriday again- the day when I do a little family blogging about the happenings around here. You can follow us real time and see more photos on Instagram @onelittlemomma.

For some reason I didn't take very many photos of the family this week. We did fun things like swimming, a barbecue and getting together with friends, but must have been having too much fun to capture it. I did get to spend a little time thrifting this week- my favorite past time. I posted this lovely photo of myself in this jacket for my IG followers to weigh in on. I love having instant feedback as I am shopping. This one was a yes!

This is what I ended up getting that day. I bought a second denim vest- it fits more oversized and will work great in the Fall as a layering piece. The jacket will work the same way. I use to make fun of Soren for how many jackets he has- now I have way more than he does!

 I took Kesler in to get his eyes checked on Saturday. He has always been our more clumsy child, but after he walked straight into a bed frame and a wall in one day we thought maybe we should have his eyes checked. This kid will find the only thing in the room to trip over it and do it in a heartbeat! I was somewhat hoping that his eyes were the problem, although I didn't want to deal with glasses on him. Anyway he was the perfect little patient with perfect vision. Even I was surprised with how well he coorperated, but that meant that I could be sure the doctor was right. We just need to work on the coordination, not his vision. Poor kid.

 The last item this week is that I have begun cleaning out my closet. You may have seen me post this on IG and FB, but these are just some of the items that I plan to post in a Shop My Closet section either on the blog or in an IG store. Do you mind weighing in on your preference? If you were to shop, would you rather it be here through the blog or on IG? I'm hoping to get that project started next week. Thanks for your feedback!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I always prefer an Instagram sale ;)

  2. I keep instagram strictly personal, so I prefer a blog sale.

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