InstaFriday- Summa' Time

It's Friday and it is the best kind- the long weekend kind!! I'm sharing glimpes of our week here today and every Friday. You can follow along with our daily happenings in real time on IG @onelittlemomma.

I managed to sneak out to Saver's last week for a little thrifting therapy. It didn't take much to make this momma happy. I found a great vintage tee and a few headscarves that will be perfect for my summer wardrobe. 

While I was gone thrifting- this is what Soren texted me. You never know what will happen when Dad is in charge, but it will always be some kind of surprise!

Knox has been steadily getting bigger. I swear every time he eats he grows right before my eyes. I love seeing his little smiles while he sleeps and especially hearing his occasional giggles.

Soren has been introducing Knox to the cats. Neither of the cats are big fans of the baby. Soren set up this photo last week and it was even more adorable in real life. Poor Knox couldn't move himself, but he really didn't want to. He was happy as could be and Soxie at least put up with it.

The boys and I went to Wendy's on a lunch date this week. They wanted to go somewhere with a Play Place like McDonalds or Chik-fil-A, but I really wanted to eat Wendy's food so the momma won. I can't turn down a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger or a Frosty in a cone. De-lish.

We had a great Fourth of July. I took the kids to a small local parade and then we went swimming with my parents. Soren's great grandma came into town that night so he picked her up from the airport and we stayed home to watch fireworks. Our neighborhood lights a TON of their own fireworks so there were plenty to see- and hear!. Kesler didn't like the noise so we pulled out some headphone/ear muffs for him. It worked great until we wanted to talk to him and he couldn't hear us. Soren surprised the kids by bringing out a Camelbak to keep them hydrated. The only thing was that instead of water- he had filled it with chocolate milk! They would not stop drinking it once they found that out. Crazy Dad!!!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday too- have a great weekend!

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