InstaFriday- Baseball, Swimming, and Broken TVs

First up- you may have noticed a few changes in the look around OLM this week. Thanks for bearing with me. I have a little blog makeover coming next week that I can't wait to reveal!

It is Friday! Each week I share photos from our family happenings via cell phone pics on InstaFriday. You can follow along real time on Instagram @onelittlemomma.

It really is crazy how time flies by. Knox is seven weeks today and although that seems like it has gone by quickly, it feels like he has always been with us. Our family wouldn't be complete without him! He is such a good, good baby. Unless he has to burp or eat, he really never cries. He is also our chunkiest baby so far. He eats and sleeps like a pro so those rolls are showing up in droves.

This week he learned how to smile on purpose and make a few sounds other than crying. It is so, so precious to see him really smile because he is happy and he loves you. He is just so pure and innocent. He may be our third, but I still can't remember when they learn to do what so it feels like a sweet surprise whenever I see him learn something new. 

Soren was able play in a baseball tournament with a neighbor and other friends this last weekend. His entire childhood and basically up until he met me he played ball. It is a part of his life that he really misses so getting back in a few games so much fun for him. I loved seeing him play too because he was so in his element. The kids enjoyed watching him and learning about the game. Easton was so cute hanging out in the dugout with him and being his little water boy.

We went to watch him play a game Friday night and then they played two more on Saturday. The weather was perfect, cool and sunny, so Soren let Knox borrow his sunglasses. I could not stop laughing when he put them on him. 

I am pretty sure that I have the sweetest boys. They have been adjusting so well to having another little guy around. Kesler loves having a little brother. Both boys are always willing to take a turn holding Knox for me. I'm so proud of how kind and loving they are to each other.

We went for a swim yesterday and guess who finally got in?? I wasn't planning on bringing in baby, but the water was so warm that we dug up an extra swim diaper and stripped him down. He did so well! I heard no complaints from Knox and just loved seeing his little body kicking around in the water with his brothers.

On a less happy note, our TV has died. We bought our first flat screen in February after hours of research on Soren's part. We found just the right plasma for us and have loved having it. Fast forward to last week when I turned the TV on no image showed up. Soren messed with it and found a lovely crack right in the glass. Apparently Kesler had shot an arrow at the screen earlier in the day and broken the screen- irreparably. So it is back to the laptop and our giant cube of a TV for now. And definitely no more archery in the house. 

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Your hair looks so good!!

  2. My little boy is 7 wks old and starting to get really interactive as well. He is our first and we are also enjoying what each stage brings.
    Question: how old is your baby? My m-i-l has a private pool and I was thinking about taking him swimming but I wasn't sure how he'd do.


  3. What a great week. Without sounding mean, I am sooo glad that there is another little boy in the world who has broken the flat screen TV. I have 2 boys and the youngest threw a rattle at the TV about 6 weeks ago. We are also using our very old TV for now. Boys will be boys :-) x

  4. What a gorgeous chevron outfit Knox is wearing in the first pic - so cute!

  5. Love these photos - they're so cute and fun!

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  6. We went to watch him play a game Friday night and then they played two more on Saturday. The weather was perfect,


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