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What did my kids wear?

Well, as if I wasn't already, I am totally outnumbered at our house. Four boys and one momma means a lot of white shirts, khaki pants and ties on Sundays. Soren has been jokingly wishing for a necktie of his own since I started making them for the kids, so for Father's Day I gave it a whirl. It turned out way too skinny in my opinion, but he made it work. Since it was Knox's first Sunday he needed a matching tie too. All of my boys sported Navy and White Striped ties or bow ties and their Sunday best They all looked so handsome, but getting the money shot after church was such a joke. There was no end to the ridiculousness from Kesler and Easton too. What you see is what you get. Sure do love them all though!

And yes, my 10 day old was wearing his belt too. Almost too ridiculous, even for me- but OH SO CUTE!! (Don't worry he got to wear his jammies for the rest of the day.)


Father's Day photos from ONE little MOMMA
Shirts and Pants on the boys: GAP, Belts: ONE little BELT
Our feature for the week is from Jack's Paper Moon. Jack's momma takes the most beautiful photos of her stylish little guy. I love to look at her blog because not only is Jack always dressed in something awesome, but the photos are equally as fantastic. Thanks for linking up!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me!
    Your boys are so cute!

  2. You may be out numbered but look at all those cute boys you have! You're one blessed momma

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    1. Oops, hit enter too soon! Love those outfits and I am sure that she gets lots of love for those curls! Kinda wish mine had them- sweet!

      Marie @
      Lemondrop ViNtAge


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