Welcome Little Knox- {Birth Story and First Photos}

After nine long months of anticipation- I am so excited to introduce our newest addition-

 Knox Neil Nickels


Born: 6.6.13
Time: 8:22 am
Weight: 8 lb. 0 oz.
Length: 19.5 inches

We are three for three for our kids arriving the day before their due date. Knox was due on the 7th, but arrived bright and early on the 6th. And what an arrival! I love a good birth story so I'll share a little recap- feel free to read on or just skip to the pics of this sweet little boy.

I had my last doctor's appointment on Wednesday and was dilated to a four. I'd been at a three for three weeks by then so a four wasn't a whole lot more to celebrate. I sure was feeling done though- I felt sick all day Wednesday and by that night I had every symptom except labor. My throat hurt, my ears hurt, my stomach hurt and I was wiped- not to mention grouchy! I had Soren rub my feet and tried to get some sleep.

Thankfully at about 3 am I woke up with some consistent contractions and back pain that meant business. I waited about half an hour to see if things were progressing and when things kept going I woke up Soren. He was hoping for a false alarm because he had taken Nyquil about two hours earlier. He wasn't quite ready to wake up if you can imagine! I called a friend to come sleep on our couch and my Mom and the doctor. My mom wanted to be there for the delivery so she met us at the hospital.

I don't like laboring at the hospital much, but I also wasn't sure how much time we had. Easton and Kesler were both born in under an hour after my water broke so I thought this time might be even faster. We packed up and headed to the hospital. I was was contracting, but able to walk and talk just fine. We checked in around 5:15 am and got all set up. The nurses were so sweet. I love that one of the first things my nurse said was how tan I was. She said they never see tan pregnant women until the end of summer- usually they are all white! (Thank you tanning lotion!)



With my previous pregnancies, I have never had time for an epidural so I wasn't planning on one this time either. I was dilated to a six when I got to the hospital and in hopes of moving things along the doctor broke my water at 5:30. We were all betting I would be done by 6 am. Oh, how I wish!

By 7:30 I was only at an eight and was begging to be done. The contractions were so sharp and consistent (and discouraging)- it felt like nothing was progressing. Thankfully I had Soren and such a great nurse to help me. My mom stayed in the background while Soren held my hand and really helped me focus on long slow breathing. He was seriously such an awesome coach. My nurse was fantastic too and rubbed out my lower back for every contraction. At 8:15 I was just in tears and praying so hard to be done. God really listened to my pleas and gave me a few minutes break to calm down. Suddenly I was at a 10 and ready to push. The doctor and nurses ran in and in one long push/pull he was out! I have never heard myself scream like that before (or swear), but boy was it necessary! It was so surreal like I was watching/listening to some stereotypical birth that you see in the movies- only it was me!


Keeping it real- THIS is how I looked after labor.


I was so exhausted and in shock of how things had just gone down. Before this delivery I had been known to call my labors easy and felt a little bit like giving birth was my superpower. This time I felt like just a normal woman who opted out of pain meds and barely lived to tell the tale. It was humbling and also empowering. I definitely feel like those were the worst and most triumphant three hours of my life. Running my marathon might be a close second, but this experience was all about experiencing the pain for someone else, not just myself which was harder, but infinitely more rewarding.


The nurses cleaned up our little one and my mom and Soren took photos for me while I got stitched and cleaned up. What a sweet experience it was to finally meet the little guy. He was real! There really was a little person in there and now he is mine. We have spent the last two days in the hospital getting to know each other and what a sweet boy he is. We already love him just as much as our first two boys. Thankfully he is healthy as a horse and eating like one too. He is a perfect nurser and sleeper and cuddler. I feel 1000 times better than I did 48 hours ago and am beyond excited to have my body 'somewhat' back to being just mine.

















Thank you for your sweet comments and emails and love! I wish I could reply to each of you, but just know that each comment and thought means so much!!!  I will be trying to keep my computer shut a little more often for the next few weeks and so starting on Monday I have some fantastic guest posts coming your way. WKWW will still be happening and I'll check in on Friday with more family news and updates. You can follow along on Instagram and FB for real time new baby fun.

I feel so supported by great family and friends! Thank you again for all of the love on this nine month  journey!!


  1. Oh Kilee...I feel your pain! He is so sweet and I love his squishy little face!

  2. Well done you, you got through it.You blessed x

  3. Wow, good job laboring without any medication! That's quite impressive! I loved seeing your pictures. I'm expecting my 3rd boy in November and these pictures make me SO excited! Knox is adorable and you look amazing for just having a baby!

  4. So amazing! Reminds me of my third labor a little-- after two other natural births, I thought I had it in the bag...but it was more intense than I remembered! LOL.. Congratulations, you did great, and I'm so happy for you guys and that little Knox is here :) He is SO adorable!!!

  5. You are super women! I opted for the meds with my first two and I'm guessing the same thing this time around. He's a very beautiful baby! I just adore the photo with all your boys on the couch,, precious.

    Congratulations mama! Enjoy your baby!

  6. Great post! Your family is adorable!

  7. I'm not just saying this but you are radiant and gorgeous. Like, you look like a super model in that last picture! Good gracious girl!

    Your new baby is so beautiful as are you and all your boys

    So you mentioned back pain...did you have back labor the whole time?
    I had horrid and I mean horrid back pain the entire six hours of my labor with James. No joke it felt like someone was taking a bat.. A very strong someone and just beating my back with it. I thought I was going to break in half for sure.. That was the worst of it!

    Anyway! Hooray for him being here!!!

  8. Awesome post - loved it!! That last picture is great - - can't wait to meet him!

  9. Dr. Morris is my fav!! I wish she could deliver my next one, no this is not an announcement.
    You look beautiful! Can't wait to meet little Knox!!!

  10. You did it, Kilee!!! I can't wait to hear more!! Check out all that dark hair and cuteness!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Loved reading your story! So many of the same feeling I had just 7 weeks ago! LOVE his name! It was on our short list so I love seeing great names put to use! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Congratulations on your newest addition!

  13. Wow you family is amazing! You are a lucky Mamma. My Labor was so bad that I will not have anymore more. I had the contractions, you know the really bad ones. for 20 hours:( I pushed with all that cursing and screaming 4 hrs... then woke up I had been put all the way under.

    But you know the best part of a birth story is that it results in a miracle. Congrats on your new miracle!

  14. Congrats to you - you and your family look absolutely beautiful! 3 boys - SO cool!!!! Let the adventure begin, right? :)

  15. Birth stories are so beautiful, thanks for sharing! He is precious. Take care!

  16. Lil' Knox was born on my (step) son's 18th birthday! Congrats to all of you! He is precious...what a great way to start off the summer!

  17. What a wonderful story... precious kiddos and adults, too!


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