State Pride Pillow- DIY HOME Pillow


Are you feeling all of the state pride that is in the air? I love the state and map motifs that I am seeing everywhere. You can find them on t-shirts, printables and even jewelry. When I added another pillow to my spare bed- I knew just the detail I wanted to add with leather, my home state!
I found this pillow at a garage sale for a quarter. It is definitely the most hideous item I have purchased to date- it should have been free! But it was the right size and I have been recovering pillows like a mad woman around here. (See here and here!)


After I recovered it with some gray and teal plaid fabric, it needed something more. I got out a piece of suede and printed out an outline of Missouri, my home state.

photo (14)

I traced it and used some fabric glue to attach it. I could have (should have) stitched around it, but didn’t take the time too. You might like to add that extra detail. But that is it! The fabric glue worked great and I love how it adds a fun state pride element to the bed!




  1. I love how easy this project is and how great it looks! I'm home state-centric too and really want to do this! Thanks for sharing, Kilee.

  2. this is such a cute idea - love it! i've been meaning to make pillow covers and haven't gotten around to it yet... hopefully soon!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $50 shabby apple giveaway

  3. Simple but mint, great idea !

  4. Too bad you don't live a little further west. Kansas would have been an easier state to trace - I'm a KS gal :) Regardless, it looks great!

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