Moss and Burlap Patriotic Wreath


With the Fourth of July around the corner I wanted to share a very neutral, yet patriotic wreath that my door has been dressed up in this month. I'm not big into cutesy holiday decor but I do love a good wreath, so when Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts asked me to join her in sharing a patriotic wreath idea, I said definitely.

I decided on a moss wreath with a little burlap and a star and learned along the way how to do it.

Supplies: 1 moss table runner
                1 metal star
                1 18 inch grapevine wreath
                2 yards of burlap ribbon
                hot glue

photo (22)

I started with all of my supplies and knew I needed to somehow attach the moss first. I cut the table runner into crescent shapes that would wrap around the wreath. It took three sections to cover the entire circle. 
photo (21)

To have the moss wrap smoothly, I had to cut out wedges from the inside edge of the wreath. Then it would glue down without bunching. 

photo (20)

I used an industrial glue gun with plenty of hot glue. It worked great to stick the moss table runner down to the wreath form.

photo (20)

If you're a video tutorial type of person, I have a quick video on the basics of making this wreath - enjoy! (The video is about 8 minutes total - this wreath is the lats 4 minutes, and there's another cute wreath shown on the first half of the video.) 

And as another note, I realize I do not seem THRILLED to be here in this video....I really was- I just normally look grouchy maybe....who knows??? I'll try to be more chipper and smiley next time!!

After I glued down all of the moss I needed to attach the star and the burlap. I just cut two small wire peices and threaded them through the star and then the wreath. I cinched them tight enough to hold it in place.



For the ribbon, I cut a small section and made a loop with it by gluing the ends together. Then I strung the rest of ribbon through and tied a bow until it looked about right.

So super easy right? I love how simple it is and I think it is really versatile for all seasons. Now that I have a moss wreath form I may just have to change out that star for other holidays!!





  1. Your blog is really good,Im person who loves crafts and trends, and is preggers.So loving what your blog offers, you have shown me with your excellent dress sense what to wear as I get further along and still look hot! Love the wreath, very creative x

  2. I've been longing to make one for awhile, but didn't think I could do it. Thanks for the tutorial!

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