Iron-on Camera Oneie- With Straps!- {Guest Post}

Hello friends! My name is Kristen Duke and I blog over at Capturing Joy.

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 I'm a mom of 4/photographer/blogger/author from Austin, Texas sharing how I capture the joy in life from family recipes, decorating with pictures, fancy parties, home projects, photo tips to sharing some life stories. I also have 2 books to help you take better pictures! Today, I'm sharing a fun baby gift you can make for someone who loves photography, too! It's an iron-on camera onesie, with sewn on straps. I wish I had it when my babies were little!


 Hobby lobby had the transfer paper and the onesie. I got some fabric from my stash, and once I figured out how to invert the camera images like a mirror (in photoshop: IMAGE -> rotate canvas -> flip canvas horizontal), it was painless. Rotating is important because iron on's are put on backwards. Though this is a baby onesie below, this can be done on any shirt as a gift for any photography lover (or yourself). I have a camera/strap shirt I got at Target years ago (seen in this what I wore Wednesday post last spring) and everyone smiles when I wear it because...well...they know I like to take pictures;) I also wanted to put a fun "camera strap" on, because it's just so cute!


I made this for my sis in law. She shoots with a Canon camera, her last name is actually Cannon with 2 "n's" so I made a play on words and put 2 "n's" on this camera. Oh, and I just had a free photoshop brush with a camera that I used. Any picture would do though.


Ironed it on, and started peeling it off...


Then, I just hand stitched my fabric in a few spots. You can also iron that on if desired. I braided the yellow part to make it look chord-like.


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