DIY Stamped Baby Leggings- {Guest Post}

Hi! I'm Merrick from Merrick's Art, and I'm thrilled to be over here while Kilee is off snuggling her new little lovey!

I'm a mom of two little boys, and with my first we purchased and received as gifts all sorts of darling clothes. I remember loving the little outfits that made him look like a man -- the collared button-up shirts, the three piece suits, the jeans, and of course all the shoes.

Although trends have changed and that certainly plays a role here, dressing a boy the second time around has been much different. I've come to realize how uncomfortable those poor babies must be that are dressed to the nines all day long. This time I'm going for comfort above all else, so the pieces I most often put him in are onesies and leggings. The handful of times we've dressed him in jeans, he gets grumpy because I can tell they're constricting his legs and pushing on his tummy, and the second they come off those legs are in the air, and his little hands instantly grab his chubby toes -- freedom! And honestly, I think he's worn shoes one time ever.

I feel like their whole life is going to be opportunities to dress up and wear cute jeans and why not prolong all those soft and comfy clothes as long as possible? Especially if they allow maximum mobility and show off those delicious baby legs?

the happiest sight
There are so many onesies out there, but my baby mostly wears ones from Target or Carters (because they're inexpensive and cute), and a bunch that people painted at my baby shower.

For leggings, I've found that the girls sections of most stores have cute ones, and there are also several easy DIY baby leggings out there like this one from Small Fry and this one from Ruffles And Stuff. But one of the funnest options, in my opinion, is painting them. It's super easy, and makes the coolest and most unique baby leggings.

(the triangle pattern idea came from this top)
  • solid colored leggings (I found mine in the girls section at h&m for $3 and used a seam ripper to remove the bows at the ankles)
  • fabric paint
  • cardboard & paper
  • push pin or sewing pin

The possibilites with this super simple and cheap method are unlimited! You'll have the cutest and most comfy baby on the block!

Happy Stamping!


  1. I'm definitely not the crafty type but this is something I think I just might be able to master! I'm obsessed with leggings for my son and it would be neat if I was able to make some for him myself!! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm loving all of these guest posts and hope you and baby are going well!!


    When you say "fabric paint" is that water based screen printing paint? Are those one and the same, or are you talking about something different?

  3. I love these little leggings!
    will definitely be trying this project for my new baby coming in Jan. :)

  4. Such a beautiful kids in the picture
    Love the way you posted pictures of the kids. Flower girl dresses


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