Constellation Wall Art- DIY Big Dipper and Little Dipper


I'll be honest, this wall is my favorite things about this nursery. The idea just kind of developed as I tried to hang some white metal stars somewhere in the nursery. I only had two so I thought I might cut more out of vinyl to make a grouping. One thing let to another and suddenly painting constellations on the wall hit me like a brick wall. Genius!!


I found a basic image of the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper on Google and then needed a way to transfer it to the wall. It turns out that last year my brother gave me an old school projector for my birthday knowing I could use it for a project someday. Today was the day.


I could have transferred it to a clear overhead sheet, but I didn't have any that day so I just poked holes in the printed paper where the holes were and put it right on the glass.


Easton was excited to help too.


The projector projected (redundant?) the holes onto the wall and I adjusted the size and placement of them. Then I climbed up on the bed and marked them with chalk.


I marked the entire drawing and then decided what I was keeping, taking away, or adding. I removed the dotted line pointing to the North Star and added a few random stars to break up the constellations a bit.  Then I busted out my white acrylic paint and a medium sized brush. I free handed the stars and lines and made sure the white went on thick. Once it was dry Soren put strong glow-in-the-dark tape over the stars. They really light up- it looks amazing!


I am in LOVE with how it turned out. The wall color is PERFECT for the concept and it is such a simple idea that brings the wall to life.




  1. Love love love this idea!! I have such a thing for the constellations too...

  2. What a fun thing for a little boys room - so clever! :)

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  4. Super cute! I might have to borrow this idea for my boys' outer space themed bedroom. Great job.

  5. i want to know the paint color on the walls! it looks dynamite! love love love it!

  6. i kept scrolling down. nevermind. lol.

  7. I love the wall color - what is it?

  8. What is the beautiful wall color? One reader mentions scrolling to find it, but I haven't found it. Thanks!!

  9. I limited myself to about an hour or so for the over painting.
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