WKWW- What Kids Wore Wednesday

Welcome to WKWW! I am often photographing my own outfits for blog posts, but the truth is that I enjoy dressing my kids up too! What Kids Wore Wednesday is a good motivator to do my boys’ hair and put handsome outfits together at least once a week. I love looking back at the photos I have taken of them over the last year of hosting this party! I hope you might feel the same way and join us!

What did my kids wear this week?

Easton wore one of my favorite color/pattern combos this week. I love peach and camo together. My mom found this shirt for him at Old Navy and I love the bright color. It really adds to his wardrobe which has somehow evolved to only include shades of gray. And gray isn’t even a good color on him!

The kids got balloons out the other day and were playing with them. I had the bright idea to send them outside and guess what? They all popped within minutes- maybe seconds. Way to go Mom. Poor Easton was pretty frustrated as you can tell below. Oops.


Shirt: Old Navy, Shorts: Thrifted

This week's style inspiration is something I could see our little man in this summer- well really any of our little men! I love, love, love these sandals and the fedora. Nothing beats baby shoes in cuteness. Ok, except a baby belt. 

Our feature for the week is from adriondack inspired. Monica whipped up this darling tank from a new pattern and it turned out fantastic. I love the racerback detail- such a perfect summer tank!

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  1. Awww, how cute to see her up there, thanks! LOVE your summer baby style up there!!

  2. I love pairing everything with a cool pair of army cargos! Cute and casual style!! :)

    Check out what my little guy is wearing this week! Thank you!!


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